Where is my update?

July 18th, 2012, Cobalt, Updates & Patches

Hello friends!

When we decided we would start with pre-orders and alpha access for Cobalt we had only one concern – that every now and then we would not be able to update as often as we or you, the community, would like to. Right from the start we knew we had one such hurdle to overcome – getting Cobalt ready for the single player/co-op campaign.

To get the campaign we envisioned for Cobalt means a lot of tinkering with the code. For the past couple of months thewreck has been hard at work with precisely that.

The reason why we havn’t updated during this period is quite simply because on the surface, not a lot has changed. Also, some of the restructuring of the code has left a trail of minor bugs which we would have to take care of before any update.
Instead of focusing on getting out frequent, but small updates (new maps mainly) we’ve decided to push on through. We’ve realized however that we’ve made a huge mistake in this decision – not informing you, the community, about what is going on behind the scenes.

Developing a game with a small (pico-small) team is tough on one’s psyche, developing a game with an active community and players expecting updates even more so.
This delay in updates has been nagging on our minds and we can only hope that with this post you understand our current situation.
In the end, all we want to do is make you guys happy that you’ve chosen to support us in this endeavour :)

We’re going to try to better ourselves in our communication with you and hopefully you can look forward to a minor update ‘soon’.

Enough with the excuses! We also have some very good news! As mentioned in an earlier post we asked the very talented Erik Rönnblom to help us with some concepts for the game a couple of months back. He did. And then some. If we could we would invite Erik to come live with us 24/7, but unfortunately at the moment we can’t.
We’re going to release some of his concepts every now and then with new blog posts.
Below you’ll find some teasers along with ingame implementations.

Kinten, Frall and thewreck

PS Sorry for the dramatic wording, I was listening to the Tron soundtrack in an empty office while writing this.

Rocket City Concept

Rocket City ImplementationDesert ConceptDesertFrall map

27 Responses to “Where is my update?”

  1. alexhairyman :

    I hope I didn’t start this with my “a little more info please” reddit post. It’s just so close together I want to make my intentions clear :D . I believe you guys are doing the best you can, but even just a little more transparency would help me a lot! If you check out the Indie game scrumbleship, it has 1(one) active developer. He constantly posts in IRC to get a feel for the community and to tell us what he’s doing. It’s nice to be able to have a *conversation* with a developer even while he’s coding. I don’t care if you don’t listen to us, but we’re all listening to you! We’re all super excited, and even “here’s a new attachment” would make me uber happy! I don’t want you to release anything until you’re confident in it. It’s not my product, I don’t want pressure you. Just know a lot of people are super excited for your game!

  2. VHBravo :

    Thanks for the update. I’m excited for this game very much, but I have at times felt like a similar experience to replaying an incredibly old game like Divine Divinity (before the rerelease) in that I felt like perhaps I was the only one in the world playing it at the time, and that’s probably because of the lack of blog posts. This is greatly appreciated!

  3. AltecApollyon :

    Thanks for the update, even if its on blog form, good to know that things are going forward on this, since its sometimes hard to judge from the outside….

  4. Majoortje :

    I’m really glad you posted this, I, like many others, was also hoping for new updates, but of course, you’re right, focusing on the campaign, which I’m really looking forward to is best,so keep up the good work even though we cannot see it :D ,

  5. Yago :

    Finally some news!

  6. Sway :

    Still would love a keyboard setting, where the y and z key are changeable…asking why?…french and german keyboard layout…Thanks!

  7. Trif :

    ^ 100% agreed.

    Just a few tweets every now and then (”Today I made it possible to select things in the HQ computer menu! Yay!”) would satisfy me greatly :P .

  8. Trif :

    Fail, didn’t realise there were new comments. My agreement is aimed towards the first comment.

  9. Puffdot :

    I love hearing from Oxeye!

    And I wish that all of you would join us in the forums, it’s pretty cozy :3

  10. Kinten :

    alexhairyman: Our achilles heel is definately our lack of communication skills. Personally I feel really bad for being so crappy at updating our blog. We really need to better ourselves on that.
    Why would you hope this wasn’t brought on by your post? We’re genuinely happy that people care :)

    Sway: I might have misunderstood you, but have you checked out “Edit Presets” in the settings menu?

    Trif: We should have our twitter feed on the homepage as well. Would make tweeting even more sensible.

  11. APirateHat :

    Mushroom people!


  12. Giuliton :

    Hello Will this game reach xbla? I think is the only way I can buy it

  13. Màrius :

    Exactly that :) like alex said, we don’t need updates (not a lot haha). We would like just some info. Even if it’s not relevant :) for example, i like to watch the overgrowth videos even if is just “this week i added a feature that allows me to see some code when actions are performed to facilitate debugging”. And i don’t understand a lot of what is going on haha

  14. garyyo :

    yay, news. i love news. all in all this is what i thought was going on but confirmation of my suspicions is always a good thing in cases such as these.

  15. Sway :

    Kinten: Ahhh, thanks. I must have missed this option…

  16. superhc :

    i dont know all the effort you guys put into this considering i didnt design a game myself…but im very dissapointed in your lack of updating and i hate you for it! WHERES MY UPDATE!? AHHHHH!!!!….that was all sarcasm :D you guys are awsome and even awsomer at what you do! keep up the exellent work!!

  17. joe :

    yea. you guys pretty much went dark for a couple months.

  18. Alex :

    Keep going guys! But you might want to work on getting your game out there, when/if you can.

  19. Red_M :

    i’m up for coding anytime… plus i have lots of time also a resume…
    if you guys need more people to do coding i wouldn’t mind getting paid nothing to work on something… even if it is something minor or little. infact just about anything…


  20. Engio :

    Agreeing with a lot of guy above me. Even insignificant information or updates about things not related to the game code itself are great to hear about. Constant blog updates helps me feel like the game is being actively worked on (which I never doubted, but seeing and believing are two different things).

  21. J. Oosting :

    Like I always said,

    take it easy and make it a nice game, there are lots of other games for the community to fill the gap

  22. I have a question :

    When you release the next update will this be for macs, I know the next update won’t be for a while, but i don’t like having so many more bugs than other people because i have to use a third party application to run Cobalt so there’s some things i can and can’t do.

  23. Inhji :

    Thanks for the update!
    I was afraid of you guys halting the development altogether, but I have new hope now :D

  24. Ciaran Bell :

    I hope there are more bounty maps like i requested! :D

  25. tommer :

    make much more updates at the forum

  26. beastking4 :

    how do u get to play the game

  27. admin :

    go to http://www.playcobalt.com and pre order!

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