WiA Forums Available

February 25th, 2008, Whispers in Akarra

The forums at the Whispers in Akarra hub site are now available. If you are having problems with the game’s source code, or maybe the game itself, you can ask for help there.

Speaking of the source code… If you add new features, bug fixes or simply tweak the source, please let me know! I’d love to see what happens with the project. So far I’ve only heard that the source is “clean”, which sounds good, and the expected “how do I compile?” questions. I hope you will be able to create some cool stuff with the server.


3 Responses to “WiA Forums Available”

  1. sholomo :

    the game shut off, when fighting bandits, in the city, when i restarted the game i was dead, and cant respawn what can i do,
    my charater is (so) I shall be online tomorrow morning .

  2. corey :

    I used to play this game all the time. i remember some of the orignals,but everyones hard to track down, even palyers. i have heard its still up and running or APOC took over the project? i remember i played while he was in charge, but now it doesnt work? ive searched and searched and searched and trying to find some answers… is anyone there? come on some one has to be? i loved this game it was the best. if anyone has anything useful to say please do!

  3. Brett (Braveheart) :

    In case you find yourself here for answers, I would suggest reviewing the Whispers in Akarra page on Facebook.

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