Agatha Ragata

November 4th, 2008, Agatha Ragata, Game Development, IGF, Previews

Agatha Ragata

“Whaa?! What’s this? They’re EXPELLING me from the Society?! Who put vegetables in the pot this time? I will SHOW them! Oh yes… putrid peach soup, they will regret this!”

Agatha puts on her cape and prepares for the long journey to Blue Hill, where the witchcraft society’s leaders rule the esteemed organization. For who would believe the worth of her crooked fingernails if she didn’t qualify as a member? No, things must be set right!

With frantic eagerness, she bangs her bony fists on the great castle doors, announcing her arrival,

“Let me in! How dare you lock me out? These walls will not stop ME! I’ll turn stone into tofu if I must!”

From a small window above the ugliest of the witches, the Keeperwitch, points out her wart-ridden nose,

“Oh, we’ve been expecting you, Agatha! Why don’t you fall inside?”

“Fall? Did you’re as stupid as a faun, Keeperwitch! Now unlock the door!”

With a small *tick* the door opens… under Agatha’s feet! She falls down, straight into the Blue Hill’s prisons. The welcome committee is already there – all of the society leaders: Broomwitch, Greenwitch, Fairywitch, Nightwitch, Manwitch, Robowitch, Keeperwitch, Sandwitch and the meanest of them all, Master Witch! They all carry smug smiles on their faces, bringing Agatha to the boiling point!

“There’s no locking ME up! I will turn you all into salted slugs!”

Which is where our story begins…

Agatha Ragata Characters

7 Responses to “Agatha Ragata”

  1. Erik :

    Ohh, this is soo exciting =)

  2. Mårten :

    Those concepts are really nice!

  3. Jonas :

    Look’s really nice. Makes me think of the later parts of King’s Quest. What kind of genre are we talking about?

    And… Alex, if you’re still alive. Please call me some day. It’s been ages.

  4. PsySal :

    I just watched the trailer, it looks amazing!

  5. CMspice :

    This game is self aware in the most amusing way ever. The laugh track is so absurd but a priceless addition. The video got me all excited about games again.

  6. Urre :

    I gotta agree with just about all of the above. Massively great stuff, imaginative and awesome. Looking forward to playing

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