Cobalt Adventure progress report!

October 30th, 2014, Cobalt, Game Development



For the last 4 weeks we have been doing pre-testing of the next version including adventure mode with selected community members, and so far they have reported 353 bugs/feedbacks/opinions. We have equipped the bug-spray and are now in the process of going through this. We still don’t know when this process will be done, but so far we have tested chapters 1,2,3 and 4 with 5,6 and 7 remaining.

If you didn’t watch the dev-streams, here is screenshot!


If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to comment!

14 Responses to “Cobalt Adventure progress report!”

  1. The guy who stole a pirates hat :

    Blog reports on the game is always nice.
    And an question if you don’t mind.

    Cobalt is fairly stable with OpenGL on WINE on Linux so far I’ve tested.
    Can I make script that configures & Installs Cobalts so it’s uses OpenGL and a few other tweaks so that it is more accessible for Linux users?
    Or do you guys have some kind of policy against it?

  2. FabioTheTurtle :

    I doubt they will, Guy who stole a pirate’s hat.

    If you want to get real into it, frankly the End User is free to edit the software as much as he likes, just as long he distributes it freely and under credit of the original proprietor.

  3. Bobsta15 :

    Hey, do you guys know when the beta of Cobalt is going to be released, and when we can expect the Story to be complete? I have been playing this for about 6 months – a year (not exactly sure) and bought the game, and can’t wait for you guys to update this. At the moment im mostly playing by myself, but just for this game i bought a gamepad, and have played a bit of 2 player, but do u plan to in the near future have multiplayer for something like Lan? Alhtough so far i love the game and you have done a great job

  4. Loreance :

    This looks so cool

  5. itsbuddy99 :

    love this game keep up the good work thank you very much!!!
    this is my #1 game and i play with all of my brothers and my sister and we have a lot of fun but i want online can you do that? thanks

  6. unstopable50 :

    Will the mac version of adventure mode come out as soon as pc and will the tested chapters be released?

  7. The guy who stole a pirates hat from someone who stole a pirates hat :

    I think getting adventure mode is going to be a great leap for cobalt =D, nice to see the report also.

  8. Arduino13 :

    This is great to see that work is still being made on this, can’t wait for something multiplayer to come out! If it ever comes out…
    btw fabio your maps are epic. Iv made a few but never submitted them.

  9. FabioTheTurtle :


    If you think my maps are good, you should try out Janeator’s. He does a bit of combat challenge stuff and has a unique visual style. Foolsbry’s maps are insanely detailed and always good fun. There are other mappers, but sadly Janeator and I are the main two, or at least the two most active.

  10. Bobsta15 :

    Do you guys recommend any videos or something that could teach me how to make cobalt maps?

  11. admin :

    Bobsta15: Hey! we are nearing the completion of story, not sure how close, but we are working on the end of the last chapter now. Online support is being added for the console version and hopefully we will be able to use that code for the pc version as well later, but it will take some more work so we will see! (Yes we know about security!)

  12. janeator :

    Bobsta15: Hello! Nice to see someone wants to make more maps!
    You can join our discussions about mapmaking in this subforum:
    As far as I know, there’s many tutorials about how to make maps work/function, and some time ago I started an aesthetics tutorial even tho I’m not sure how to continue it.
    About map design… Well the best tutorial is to trully think and see which maps play good and then try to see what part of them makes them be that way, and then try to reproduce it…. because nobody’s done a tutorial on that yet!

  13. Bobsta15 :

    I was looking at the post, is there a link to the dev streams? And do you know what time they are generally hosted in New Zealand Time?

    btw ive been watching some of your tutorials FabiotheTurtle, and I now know the basics and i have some ideas in mind, so i hope in the future ill be helping contribute to the maps on cobaltvault :)

  14. janeator :

    The stream usually happens during, well, general daytime and evening, in GMT+1, over at

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