#Cobalt Game Jam 1 Games

September 21st, 2014, Game Development, Game Jams

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The games have been made

Hair has been torn

The games must be played

Good times are born

sub-themes: Cat, Slime, Arcade, RTS, Shooter, Fast

Party Popper

by Snade


An evil eye is out to destroy every balloon it can find! You play the eye and obviously your goal is to destroy balloons

Download .jar (crossplatform) :
Download linux (.tar) :
Download mac OSX(.app) :
Download windows(.exe) :
Just download it and play :)
Download .jar (crossplatform)
Download linux (.tar)
Download mac OSX (.app)
Download windows (.exe)
Just download it and play :)

Evil dice simulator 2014 : GOTY edition

by Kilmano


Evil dice simulator 2014 : GOTY edition is an evil game that is about rolling a dice and getting a high score. The game contains multiple easter eggs and will save your progress so you can always come back and enjoy your game.

(progress is saved when the ending line is on screen)

Download windows(.exe)

Screens: 1, 2

When you run the game for the first time, type anything but load.
Also, do not place on desktop.

Kitty Clickiller

by TP


Here we go I got up early and here`s the result of ~4h of Coding Fun:

You wanted an evil game you got yourself an evil game. Click to feel like a monster. Click more to feel even worse. Right click to hire minions to do the dirty work for you.

Made using the löve2d lua engine
For Windows just download the Executable extract and run it. For Mac OS, Linux etc. download the .love and check the Löve2D homepage for more information on how to run it on your system.



by RayKatz

Catshooting cat tanks of the Catocalypse! Or atleast it was supposed to be that way…

Download windows (.exe)

This game is broke to hell. Read the readme.

What I learned over the duration of the jam:

  • use version control
  • don’t learn and use a new plugin while developing under time pressure

Goolord Rex: Destroyer, Annihilator, Cat?

by Rian


I only had a couple of hours to make it so it’s unfinished at best, and there are no sounds. It’s written in Scala (so it runs on the JVM and should work on mac, linux and windows) as functional and pure as I can handle. The graphics are done with Swing. The game is a shooter with a twist. You catch enemies with slimeballs and collect them to get points. The more points you have the more difficult it gets. You have a limited amount of ammo, but you can retrieve every slimeball, so don’t let them fall. I think the theme Evil is currently only present in its difficulty, but the themes Cat, Slime, Arcade, Shooter and Fast are definitely included.


by Peter Goode (mrexcessive)


HTML5 game, so should work on most things.

So… only discovered your compo yesterday evening… Spent about 6 hours I think total. Construct2 great for prototyping.

Hopefully while provide 90 seconds of fun!

Quest for Evil

by Jan SedivyJaneator and NameIsNotName

screenshot (1)

Incarnate the divine hero of truth in his quest to destroy the source of all evil in the world

Play in browser (html5)



by DolanCZ “the most not programing guy on Cobalt IRC”.

It’s a basic console game I created just for fun, since I am not able to do advanced stuff, just because I don’t know how. I am really noob in this, but since any game counts, I joined this community event!

Download windows (.exe)

(There is a bonus file there too)

When you discover the main theme of this game, it’s really easy to finish it. Plus it is kinda only for people that know Oxeye with some inside stuff around this community.

You can finish this game in less than 2 minutes if you are fast.

“This game is just some fool’y things put together in 2 days” – Have fun!

Evil Sheep Game

Samuel “MrOverkill” Meyers

I was a little over-ambitious with this one, but i’ll apply fixes to it and make it work better as time goes by.

This is a game where you gather crap from the good sheep and throw it at the evil sheep so they don’t turn your good sheep evil.

The game is written in Java, with python scripting making up the gameplay. It’s also public domain, so modify it all you like. :)

Git Hub page (source code)

Download Game Link


by Ivan Becker Druckman

No highscores system yet, D:. You’re a brick throwing robot, the main objective is to kill as many people as you can with bricks. Try to get a bunch of points!

Download windows (.exe)

Super Insane Robot Demolition TV

By Isogash

It’s a TV show about destroying innocent robots with vast arrays of missiles. You are that robot, good luck! Can you beat your peers in the missile dodgey game of the century?

Download windows (.exe)

Closing Words:

I would like to thank everyone that participated in this Jam! It was really fun to see so many people never having made games before finding the courage to try! I would also like to thank everyone that streamed during the event, it really created a feeling of cohesion, it was as if we were all sitting in the same room working on things… Finally, I would like to thank everyone that helped others out during this event. Thank you all!


Had a really good time during the game jam!

It’s been a long time since I had done anything artistic (other than mapping :D ) and I feel proud of the results, really enjoyed the time I spent making it.

Thanks again to JanSedivy for pulling me into teaming up with him, and for all the code he’s done!

Also thanks to NameIsNotName for the track :)

Hopefully we will soon release a “full” version of the game!


We will not judge any games, but if you feel like nominating games for one of the event categories (see below) or if you want to write a lovely review, please feel free to do so in the comments section.


  • Most surprising dialogue
  • Most interesting lag
  • Least graphics
  • Most use of words starting with E
  • Highest jump
  • Longest health bar
  • Most disturbing mouse cursor
  • Worst interpretation of theme
  • Broadest diversity
  • Highest button presses per minute
  • Best use of 3,141592653589793.
  • Smallest sprites
  • Most convoluted use of theme.
  • Best optimization of f,u and n.


We do not take responsibility for any damage that could occur to your computers by playing any games!

4 Responses to “#Cobalt Game Jam 1 Games”

  1. Anton :

    I think goolord rex is pretty amazing. The graphics are nice and it’s the most addictive game.

  2. Rian :

    I got to play most of the other submissions, and they’re all quite fun and interesting timekillers! Sadly I couldn’t play Kitty Clickiller because it doesn’t seem to run on 32 bit machines. There is an error in the link to Quest for Evil, it points to a 404 but adjusting the url to just evil.jansedivy.com I did get to play it. Fun game and beautiful graphics, Janeator is an amazing sprite artist!

  3. admin :

    Rian: thanks fixed!

  4. Naddox :

    Going to have to say I like quest for evil the best. Has good graphics and flows very smoothly and the music is well done.

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