Cobalt pre-orders around the next bend!

December 12th, 2011, Cobalt, News

Agent CobaltHello friends!

We at oxeye are currently hard at work with bringing the Cobalt pre-order to you ASAP. In preparations for this we would like to share our visions of what Cobalt is and how the development of the game will play out over the coming months.

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What are the plans for Cobalt?

Our vision for Cobalt is to expand on the in-game editor to the point where the player can create everything from single maps to whole campaigns from scratch, including adding their own units and characters and finally being able to share their creations with the community from within the game.
Meanwhile, the development team will continue adding their own maps and game modes to the game as well as continue work on the main campaign.

What will I get when pre-ordering Cobalt?

When pre-ordering the game you will get access to the current build of the game as well as all future updates up until and including the full release of the game. This is limited to the PC-version of the game (Mac, Windows, Linux). Pre-orders will of course be offered at a discount price.
By pre-ordering you support the continued development of the game. Think of it as part pre-order, part funding support.

Current status of the game – Alpha

The first alpha release includes two hot-seat versus game modes (capture the plug and death match) and a co-op game mode (survival). The number of players in hot seat mode is theoretically limited by the number of USB-controllers you manage to forcefully plug in to your poor computer. That and the hardware limitations of your computer. Theoretically.
Our development philosophy is to keep it simple and manageable by being a relatively small team. That is why the alpha will be limited to the features we know are reasonably stable. This will help to keep development focused which in turn will help us update the game more often.
Please note that the current alpha is only available for Windows.

What are the major milestones for the game’s development?

Hot seat multiplayer
Continued work on singleplayer/co-op main campaign
Introducing the level editor
Windows only

Fully functional level editor
Continued work on singleplayer/co-op main campaign
Introducing in-game level sharing
Introducing more editors
Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Gold – Feature complete game includes:
All editors fully functional
In-game level sharing
Completed main campaign
Hot seat multiplayer

What About Networking?
Since we know people will ask about this, yes, we would like networking too! And yes, we are actually looking at networking, but as it stands now, we are not including networking in our vision for the game because as it is now, networking remains uncertain.

Who develops Cobalt?

Cobalt is being developed by Oxeye Game Studio, which in reality means it’s being developed by three friends who all love making games: Daniel “thewreck” Brynolf, Jens “jeb” Bergensten and Pontus “kinten” Hammarberg. Thewreck is the main developer of Cobalt. He has pretty much single-handedly created the game with occasional help from the rest of the Oxeye crew.
Oxeye have also aquired help from talented musician Mattias “Anosou” Häggström-Gerdt, artist and game designer Gabriel Verdon and programmer Jacob William Jervey.

Since the summer of 2011 Oxeye Game Studio has teamed up with Mojang to help bring Cobalt to release.


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  1. Viktor :

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

  2. Tristin(shadowfire) :

    amazing thanks for the info

  3. BurntToast :

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

  4. Kukiol :

    please, when the game became available … post here a link to pay for it.

    Shut up and take ma money!

  5. Minju :

    good news!
    I want to have it now :D

  6. sroa12345 :

    yay cant wait to play it looks good so far keep up the good work =P

  7. ingewanduh :

    cant wait :D

  8. anchuin :

    will i be able to purchase Cobalt Alpha with paysafe?

  9. yung cali :

    Yes I NEED THIS NOW!!!!!

  10. greyyo :

    stop trollin us man, we have been promised these preorders for some time now. i keep trying to give you my money but normal methods(putting into cd slot) dont seem to work…

  11. Loren :

    when do you think the beta will be out? i have a mac and i cant wait to play!!!!

  12. Joseph :

    EPIC! Are you thinking before Christmas?

  13. simonjamin :

    This is going to be great. I’ve been looking forward to this, more than any other game, and that’s saying something!

  14. 177577 :

    what is round the next bend?

  15. wille9612 :

    I can’t wait for it to be pre-orderable! Just have to get me some USB-controllers before that.

  16. dittocopys :


  17. AlmightyCameron :

    i want this game so much!! :D

  18. Ripper :

    Please, take my money and release the game.

  19. musicguy10 :

    Can you post the recommended system specs??? Thanks

  20. gXxshock :

    I need this now, there are not enough local multiplayer games for PC and we just love playing on the big screen … Cobalt looks just like our kind of fix

  21. GeorgeNippleton :

    How do i Pre-Order this?

  22. Anon? :

    OMG been waiting since i heard of it LOOK SO GOOD

    @musicguy10 you could probably run it relatively easily – basing on footage ive seen of the game

  23. Sucker :

    Do we have to use USB controlls :O

  24. Jos3ph2010 :

    I cant wait !!!

  25. Zach :

    I stuck my money in the CD drive and nothing happened fix please!

  26. icycubed :


  27. Wolfboy98 :

    I want it now though…

  28. Kakaru :

    That’s a pity you couldn’t implement an online mode for the alpha release, I see alot of potential in that area, and plugging 3 keyboards in to be able to play with friends feels clunky.

    Anyway can’t wait for more news :’D

  29. DoorMatt :

    Why not alpha for mac? <:(

  30. Evanuel :

    Why no alpha for mac?
    And will there be Xbox controller support for Alpha?

  31. admin :

    Evanuel: We would love it to be for Mac, but unfortunately our engine’s OS X port is outdated and needs to be updated, which we will do in due time. Xbox controllers seem to work when we use them at least, but we are mainly using controllers with wires. Need to test wireless ones as well..

  32. Evess Arudem :

    I might buy ten or fifteen copies just to support :)


  33. Isaac :


  34. Ronald Rager :

    I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. O.O Is there a mail list for updates? Or will we just find specks of info in your twitter feeds?

  35. Warka0OO :

    It’s so LEGEND…. wait for it… DARY !!

  36. Kungsfiskaren :

    Where is the donate button so i can pay for the game now, bring it to me 10,20,30 or even 50 dont matter goive it to me. (if you got paypal, otherwise i am out)

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  38. lupodw :

    “Please note that the current alpha is only available for Windows.”


  39. Jdawg :


  40. minitopo :


  41. MrAtles :

    You guys are amezing and I will support you all from the beginning to the end.

  42. augustives :

    This game need to be played with usb controller or the keyboard can be used ?

  43. alexhairyman :

    Do you have to use a USB controller, or will a mouse work just as well?

  44. tsarep :

    Will Mac users have to wait for beta or would you be able to update your port a week or two after the alpha is released?

  45. ManlyPower :

    Warka0OO is that you linard?

  46. ManlyPower :

    Do you think you might EVER make a server based multiplayer, hosted by the players, like minecraft?

  47. trieyedwolf :

    Network FTW!

  48. Yago :

    Need this game ! NOW !

  49. FACEF :

    when will it come out? and will you be avelabol to play online?

  50. admin :

    Current best estimate is still before the winter holidays! There is no online play!

  51. Jotimm4 :

    Well… its before the winter holdays now =)

  52. Peutros :

    hey what does this mean?

    is that true :D ? today really?

  53. dergerntod :

    where can i preorder??? :D

  54. John Peat :

    Just a question really – “hot seat” multiplayer usually means people take turns to play (hence they get into a seat which is hot from the last player) – you seem to be misusing it OR I’m missing how your games works as it appears to be just ‘multiplayer’ (e.g. people play at the same time??)

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  57. The price is wrong :

    Are you serious about this finished product pricing? $26 for a 2D platformer, how do you justify this in the first place? Super Meat Boy was just $15 on PC launch, you’re saying you get almost twice the value of that game, i think not. Just a bunch of money grabbing from minecraft players huh.

  58. admin :

    The price is wrong: It is perfectly understandable that you are upset, but we definitely do not want to grab money from people! We are making an honest offer as transparent as possible, where we clearly write what our vision for the future is, and what we charge for pre-ordering (13$). If you do not want to support the development of Cobalt, that is your right, and nothing we do can make you buy it if you don’t want to! We will of course improve the game and hopefully impress you enough with the updates that you will reconsider!

    We want to make this game as good as it can be, and we are inviting people to take part in our vision and help us finish it.

  59. IncredibleNode :

    um so what all the stuff about merging of mojang accounts and something about colbalt do we get it free? cus we bought minecraft????

  60. admin :

    IncredibleNode: sorry for the confusion! Cobalt and Minecraft are two separate games. The mojang account is just a unified way to manage them both, as well as any future games put out by Mojang.

  61. IncredibleNode :

    oh kk what about the alpha thingy that confused me too if we pay for alpha do we have to re-pay for beta?

  62. admin :

    IncredibleNode: you get beta and gold!

  63. Mojang releases Cobalt alpha, you can buy it | i.zOn4| Games Community :

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  64. HELP!!!! :

    i pre-ordered and I did not get the alpha

    the website said i would get it but i did not!!!!!!!!!!!


    P.S i used the official cobalt website

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    [...] the different milestones leading up to release along with some additional info, that you can read here. The full game will sell for €20 (≈ $26) and it will be discounted 50% to €10 (≈ $13) [...]

  67. michael :

    might as well be throwing my money at the screen right now

  68. BannanaMonarch :

    So is it out yet? Plus the editor should allow multi step missions to be created as well as maybe some form of renaming enemies such as renaming those birds to like crow or something to fit well with custom maps.

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