Super-frequently Asked Questions!

November 27th, 2011, Uncategorized

Hey hey hey!

The absolutely most frequently asked question right now is “When will Cobalt be available???”

The answer is that we are working on getting the auto-updater / launcher ready for the game, and update the Mojang back-end to contain information about which games you own (in addition to Minecraft). Our current, reasonable estimate is that this will be done “before the holidays” :)

The second most asked question is “How much will Cobalt cost?”

We will probably decide this the same day as the pre-order is available, so we don’t know yet. However, the aim is that when the game is “feature-complete” it will cost about €20, so the pre-order will cost much less than that.

// jeb_

62 Responses to “Super-frequently Asked Questions!”

  1. minju :

    good news!


    my question is if the full game is 26.98$ will the per order be 13.50$? or some like that

  3. Selis :

    What do you mean “update the Mojang back-end to contain information about which games you own”? Why would you store such information, it’s a bit privacy intruding.

  4. admin :

    Hi Selis.

    Clarification, “update the Mojang back-end to contain information about which Mojang-published games you have purchased from Mojang”.

    Does that clarify?

  5. chill_humanoid :

    Selis:its more like…on xbox or steam..where it has a list of games that you own. so this way its more like bragging rights “hey i own scrolls, minecraft AND cobalt!!!”
    At least thats my opinion

  6. Jack :

    €20 is too much in my country … but i will try to get it :)

  7. admin :

    Something like that, yepp!

  8. chill_humanoid :

    this also implies that mojang is going to be coming out with crap-loads of games in the future which will be awesome!

    Just an idea that the mojang crew should think abotu when the time comes. since you plan on having dlc later on for minecraft and scrolls(presumably) you should make a full launcher (kinda like the current minecraft one except news would be on dlc..and one account can work for all the games, but you have to buy each game. Like the mojang version of steam!

  9. biohazard9907 :

    Do you have a date for a native linux version? or will i have to use WINE for a while?

  10. Zeawius :

    If you do pre order the game, do you have to pay the full price when the game gets released?

  11. chill_humanoid :

    No it will be the same as minecraft.

  12. Emil :

    Hi! I just wonder if cobalt really is done before christmas???

  13. Tollyx :

    Definetely going to try to pre-order directly when I can.
    Otherwise I’ll just do it later, but I can promise that I will do it sooner or later. :D

    Oh and that you were talking about: I’ll be happy as long as I’ll be able to change my name atleast once. Since my current MC account got an old username that I use rarely now. If they will use the same accounts, that is.

  14. Zeawius :


  15. admin :

    Emil: It is our current best estimate that it will!

  16. admin :

    Erik: Just to clarify, Cobalt most certainly wont be done before christmas, but you will be able to pre-order the game at a heavy discount and when doing so you’ll get access to the current version of the game (which is still very much in development).



  17. chill_humanoid :

    Tollyx makes a good point. There are times i wish i could change my mc name so i didnt have an underscore but a – or something. I think mojang should do what microsoft does and have the ability to change your username. Not like everyother second or anything..but time change thing.
    Lets say i made my account when i was 14(i did) and it was “chill_humanoid”(it is) but when im 20 im still playing…then i can change it to “thechillest”

  18. Selis :

    @admin Cool, thank you for clarifying; didn’t mean to burn or anything.
    Really hyped about Cobalt.

  19. Mike :

    This is probably an often asked question, but when will Cobalt be available for Mac system?(I really want to play this game, it looks so good from what i’v seen).

  20. Jotimm4 :

    hi guys at mojang and oxeye!
    im just wondering… could u make a place somewhere at some website where you could sign up for news about cobalt?

  21. Viktor :

    I don’t get it. Will the Alpha version be avaliable before the holidays ot not???

  22. Alex :

    So will it work on a Premium account system, like Minecraft? So I could download it on any pc I want?

  23. admin :

    It is in our plan to get the game out for linux and mac as well, since our engine previously supported it. The alpha will initially only be for windows, and whenever the other platforms start to work, we will add those as well.

  24. admin :

    You can find all the places we use for information distribution on the sidebar of our community reddit:

    You can also sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page which we only use for big releases.

  25. Peutros :

    thats good news and lot of question answered (2 questions but the most asked ones) lets keep waiting with hope. well we will be playing on vacation :)

  26. bruce00j :

    when is coblat going to be able to be pre-orderd ive know of cobalt for ages and im really wanting to own the game

  27. Peelz here :

    shut up! and give us a Demo xD… or eat my money…

  28. NES2 :

    So, are we going to be getting this on Steam? I understand Minecraft isn’t going to use the service, but as a separate studio from Mojang, Oxeye is in a position I assume to make different decisions.

  29. Zachicus :

    Heres a couple of questions,
    Have you thought about it being in the Humble Indie Bundle?
    Will we get pre releases for upcoming content?
    Beta testing for us fans?

  30. Lekim :

    I would like that They were exposed to Spanish.

  31. Mike :

    One more question for the Mac users. When the pre-order is available, I am assuming the Mac version won’t be available, but could a mac user still pre-order the game for the heavily discounted price and then be given an assurance that they will get the game for the mac when it comes out? (like a code or something?)

  32. jamie :

    will the preorder come with multiplayer because me and my friends really wanna play real bad

  33. admin :

    It will come with local multiplayer. Networked doesnt exist, but ww would like to add it. No promises though.

  34. Viktor :

    So only able to play multiplayer on the same computer? When you say “like to add it” do you mean it’s only a suggestion so far or is someone looking into it?

    Multiplayer is the thing I would buy the game for, challenging my friends and I hope for you will implement some kind of ladder with rating. Game looks awesome btw cant w8 to try it out.

  35. admin :

    like to add in this case means that we have been working on it, and are currently working on it, but we don’t know for sure if we will succeed in adding it.

  36. david :

    you legend , thanks for the info

  37. Viktor :

    So will Cobalt Alpha be released soon?

  38. Atbin :

    What is the basic gist of Cobalt? I’m willing to buy the game, but a brief sypnosis would be sound… :P

  39. eXsoR :

    I really cant wait! Every time i see Cobalt video, it remind me of how mush i really want to play the game and pre-order it already! :D


  40. ManlyPower :

    Sounds delicious!

  41. MrAtles :

    Where can I pre-order?!?
    Please tell me!
    I want to play as soon as possible!

  42. Kukiol :

    in my university we(20 people) want to make a tournament before holidays, pre-release quickly please.

    We are “The RedSctroll Cubic Spanish Team” !!

  43. Mitch :

    eXsOr: Mush? XD. Anyways… Super Excited for release of alpha! Hopefully will be out in a few weeks!

  44. Tom Miller :

    ‘the holidays’ is…
    1 very soon
    2 but not soon enough

  45. TheVaffel :

    He said it would probably be out for sale in a week. He pointed out that this was far from official, however.

  46. TheVaffel :

    He said it would probably be out for sale in a week. He pointed out that this was far from official, however. (Thewreck said.)

  47. Viktor :

    Can a admin confirm TheVaffel statement to some degree? Or maybe a link?

  48. alec :

    So if I want to play cobalt locally with my brother do we both need to purchase a copy of the game? To be honest i really hope you are able to implement networked multiplayer as it is what I and likely many others are most excited about. Adding competitive multiplayer elements would greatly extend the life of the game.

  49. admin :

    Alec: If you and your brother wants to play locally you only need one (1) copy of cobalt =)

    hope this clears things up.

  50. MrAtles :

    Me and my brother are facing the same problem as alec.
    if only I have a copy of cobalt can my brother have all the same possibility’s in cobalt without buying the game?

    Or can he only play multiplayer in the same network with my copy?

  51. Kukiol :

    When Cobalt-alfa is released… Minecraft and Cobalt will share launcher?
    It will be very useful, no more indie icons in the desktop…

    One launcher to rule them all, One launcher to find them … just epic

  52. pwajnkaim :

    So what about the pre-release? Wasn’t that going to be in October. Also I hape you guys make network games possible as well as letting us make our own gametypes, since so far I only know of survival, capture the plug and deathmach(not sure what it’s called in cobalt).

  53. trieyedwolf :

    sad to hear about the net multiplayer :/ i really hope you add this feature on the future, thx for the news

  54. yoeori :

    if its done for before 27 december, I’m happy :)

  55. Julie :

    My son and I attended minecon and were told we’d be able to get Cobalt for free once it was released. How do we go about obtaining it? thanks!

  56. Noah :


    Go to
    It Tells you that you will get it in a week or 2

  57. Lonewolf239 :

    I have a question, how do you guys make your AMAZING textures? :O

  58. Michael :

    If I allredy have Cobalt (Alpha) I need to buy it AGAIN?

  59. admin :

    Michael: If you have pre-ordered the full game, or received the alpha through minecon, you are good to go.

  60. jake :

    not to sound wierd or anything but do you (admin) know what jens bergensten’s email is its very very important

  61. vishal :

    I just want to clarify a doubt,
    1. is cobalt gonna be free on release or paid on steam in october 2015.
    2. is alpha version self updating.
    3. does the devs receive free steam keys on date of release.
    4. does cobalt integrate with steam workshop for user maps.
    5. what is the exact release date of cobalt.
    6. I want that game, but I don’t have money and I am not afforded that that much T_T

  62. janeator :

    1) Paid, as it’s always been.
    2) No, but there’s an update button when you log in, if there’s an update.
    3) The devs won’t be paying for their own game, of course. If what you meant is if the alpha backers get a steam key, then yes, alpha backers will.
    4) Not yet, but it’s on the wishlist.
    5) Sometime in October, there isn’t an exact one.
    6) Not a question! Save up some :)

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