Cobalt v106 Alpha

May 10th, 2012, Cobalt, Updates & Patches

If you log in to Cobalt you’ll notice there’s a new update! This update is just one tiny fix:

  • Recompiled game.exe to get rid of new DirectX dependencies (the “missing dll” error message)


/ jeb_

12 Responses to “Cobalt v106 Alpha”

  1. Oliver :

    When I press right key, character goes left, and vice versa. When I press down, I jump, up makes me duck. Do you know what is going on?

  2. admin :

    If you check your profile (esc) you have probably picked the dev keyboard preset which inverts everything

  3. RedMser :

    Whenever I start cobalt, I have to change my keyboard layout from DE to EN so Z and Y swap. Any way to make that automatically change that or even add a new key config for it?

  4. admin :

    In the menu, go to settings and pick presets. From this menu you can edit the controls!

    Then in your controller menu, (esc) you can switch presets. You will need to create a profile in the controller menu first though.

  5. alexkill51 :

    How come there is no “Offline” mode anymore?

  6. RedMser :

    I did… you ROLL with Y now, but GUI like shops and the menu still use Z.

  7. Alex Herrmann :

    where does the new go?

  8. Otto :

    Can you PLEASE just add a few things to FoR
    basic powers

    it would make the game sooo much better please

  9. Dimon :

    Where’s the play offline option that was in cobalt 1.5?

  10. Acrio :

    There is a bug or some sort of error in editor, I believe. When I’m pressing F2 then F7 and then ctrl+o and the list should show up – that’s where the problem show up – the list is empty.. no maps……..

    I’ll also admit that I placed the maps in maps_dev folder, so what’s wrong? It was alright on the older versions of the game..

  11. admin :


    We changed the userdata folder structure.

    Read this post:

  12. Alex :

    My only game controller is an old Sidewinder Plug and Play controller. This works for gameplay, but I can’t access the little menu up top with it. Any quick fix for this? (aside from getting an xbox controller)

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