Cobalt v105 Alpha change-log

May 9th, 2012, Cobalt, Updates & Patches

Hi again! V105 Alpha is ready and it contains fixes and tweaks to the editor and game and a new map by Frall!

During the past couple of weeks I (thewreck) have been working on laying the technological groundwork for the campaign. There has been and still is a bunch of structure dearly in need of restructuring, and that is what I’m focusing on now.

Kinten has been working on producing content for the campaign and realizing some of the concepts made by a man named Erik! I would love to show some them but that will have to wait until we know how things turnout ingame!

Frall has been streaming himself developing maps for Cobalt daily during office hours central European time. If you are interested in seeing maps being made real-time, or if you just want to hang out in the chat with others and discuss mapping, that is a great place to meet up!

Hit the jump for the full change-log!

Change Log


  • bots will now randomly pick between the available actors
  • teleport and entrance targets can now handle multiple matches. Picked one is random if many.
  • sped up vendor purchase speed slightly
  • improved/updated space/nightsky rendering
  • new map bird temple!


  • Pressing T after having a gamepad connected in the editor no longer crashes.
  • going back and forth from the editor and menu could sometimes stop your keyboard from being able to control the menu
  • Fixed editor crashing when making new locales.
  • copying tiles from multiple layers would crash the editor
  • tiles that are hidden as secrets now create their physics when discovered
  • big gui in the editor now turns into multi column
  • custom teams now work better
  • some resolutions would have some overlap in the menu when selecting map.
  • tile browser could have too big a surface in higher resolutions.
  • editor failed to save and restore current selected layer
  • certain ai concept could crash the game with certain actors due to a ai-concept default value initialization bug.
  • ai would sometimes get stuck doing nothing.
  • some optimizations regarding actor updates and theme updates.
  • optimization for tile removal when using rain.
  • debris heads are now considered part of the max debris count and will be removed as such.
  • possible to select the same tile again in the tile browser now and have it close.
  • space door sound was stereo and always very loud.
  • rotation bug for fixed rotation tiles.
  • smoothened menu preview loading

But most important of all!

We have changed the folder structure! Your profiles, controls and maps_dev folders should now be placed in the cobalt folder under /My Documents/! You can either make new profiles, or you can manually move them to the correct folders. This also means that you must login again before play offline will work (since setting files have changed locations).

  1. Start game once to create the folders
  2. Locate your cobalt installation folder, usually at c:/games/cobalt
  3. copy the profiles, controls and maps_dev folders
  4. Locate the cobalt folder under /My Documents/
  5. Paste the copies folders!
  6. Your profiles, controls and custom maps should now be usable in the game again!

The game now loads maps both from the cobalt folder (official maps), and from my documents (custom maps). If you place a map with the exact same name as an official map in the My Documents folder it will override the official map.

Note: If the launcher crashes after update, it has failed to replace the executable. You can download the installer from or you can fix it manually: will be in your cobalt folder. Remove Cobalt.exe and rename to Cobalt.exe. Looking into what could be wrong!

38 Responses to “Cobalt v105 Alpha change-log”

  1. CCCode :

    Sounds like a solid update, thanks!

  2. Mikirog :

    OMG OMG Thanks!

  3. Marc :

    Mac OS X / Linux version get.

  4. Evil The Cat :

    I just want to use my d-pad instead of the analog stick to move. The analog stick is clunky and inaccurate for precise movement. This seems like a no-brainer.

  5. admin :

    Evil the Cat: You can, edit the controls in the presets!

  6. Millisec :

    Oh there is no 4:5 aspect ratio now :(

  7. TheSingularChan :

    Have you notified that you can’t actually play offline????
    What is the problem?????

  8. Millisec :

    oh my bad, there is ^_^ . good job guys !

  9. admin :

    TheSingularChan: You can play offline, but since we changed the folder structure you must login once in v105 before it being enabled again,

  10. RayereSs :

    Found bug on 104 that still exist in 105 :
    ‘Use alarms’ ai concept not working

  11. Sherlock_h :

    Are you guys going to add OS X support before beta or do we have to wait till then?

  12. CEA2 :

    I can login, but it says I’m missing a file.

    What do I do???

    Please HElp

  13. Alex Herrmann :

    Will ps3 dualshock 3 controllers be supported? They work just fine on linux running mupen64plus (a nintendo 64 emulator), playing goldeneye with a ps3 controller is fun, but I think cobalt would be fun too. I, as usual also vote for linux/mac os x support, and will gladly help in any way, shape or form.

  14. admin :

    im not sure. On windows they require some crazy converter program, but do work when using it. Will have to check with tommo how he is doing the linux input.

  15. admin :

    CEA2 : I cannot help unless you explain exactly what is happening. Please post your problem here:

  16. admin :

    Sherlock_h : The game will be considered Beta when all the features that we listed under Alpha are complete, and when we have both mac/linux and windows. Mac/Linux might come before we call the game beta though, but we have no ETA.

  17. Alex Herrmann :

    Depending on how you guys build your software,this is just my 1.5 cents, I would highly recommend CMAKE, it allows you to not only generate visual studio project files for building, but also Unix Makefiles, and the included CPack module allows you to create an install for all of your install targets in NSIS, MAC OS X, and DEB/RPM packages, along with just Plain old binary releases. I just switched from Handwritten Makefiles to it, and I must say it is quite the sexy looking beast!

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  23. AndrewNeo :

    Aahh, please don’t spam the My Documents folder! Put them somewhere else, like under My Documents\My Games.

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  27. Plaguemachine :

    There is a bug I keep experiencing with one of my self-made maps. Several times through a round of deathmatch, my character will stay locked at the edge of the camera, disallowing me to see most of anything. Is anyone else experiencing this or knows how to fix it?

  28. NTedNinja64 :

    Trying to update the game through the launcher and it keeps getting an error during the download around 30%-35%. Anyone else have the same problem?

  29. Leiti :

    With a little bit skill and help of the assembly line it is possible to flee from the “Bounty” map “Rumble in Trunkopolis”

  30. Alex Herrmann :

    Where does go now?

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  33. Just curious :

    Can I multiplay if I plug 2 key boards? I don’t have xbox controller.

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  35. Luke :

    does the game update itself?

  36. oliver_figson :

    Hmmm… I’ve auto-updated to v106. When will they post a dl link and change log?

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