Cobalt v108 Alpha change-log

August 16th, 2012, Cobalt, Updates & Patches

Hi again! This is a small update with mainly bug fixes for v107! Hit the jump for the full change-log!

Edit: v108 added a new crash related to touching active tiles. I have fixed this and some other things, but please post all crash error screenshots you get (can be found in the cobalt directory) and send them to us so that we can include fixes for those before v109 which should be asap!

Change Log


  • Burners now do less damage on the tip
  • Predator movement and ai has been improved
  • You can now initiate an air roll while using jet shoes, and as long as you hold the rolling button you will keep spinning even with the jet shoes spraying around you.
  • tweaked screen shake
  • tweaked air roll anim


  • Minimal mode and shaders turned off now works again.
  • fixed tile browser camera being to low initially
  • fixed respawning bug in tutorial
  • fixed crash related to explosionSequence used in safest gate.
  • optimized shader preparations for actor and objects
  • optimized actor limb explosions which should generate less performance intensive debris.
  • fixed second shop in safe house
  • Forgot to up the shied damage factor on Plasma weapons when i reduced their damage, they are now good at shield as they are supposed to, but they still dont insta-remove yellow shields.
  • Research facility now restocks shops.
  • fixed pathfinder trying to path through locked doors
  • Fixed a crash bug related to alarm actors rig rendering.
  • added ai so that the metalfaces dont jump-kick while trying to roll-deflect

33 Responses to “Cobalt v108 Alpha change-log”

  1. No Snapshot, But Updates « « MineMineCraftMineMineCraft :

    [...] … or check the update on Oxeye’s blog: [...]

  2. Splaph :

    Will send any bugs to you guys so we can get this game fixed.

  3. Splaph :

    Will send any bugs to you guys so we can get this game fixed.

  4. Trif :

    That was rather quick – thanks :D ! Plays more smoothly now, too.

  5. Brennan :

    Please make Mac OS X a priority, I would be able to and would play much more.

  6. Tosmatobeef :

    When I try to use the panning tool in the editor (pressing space and dragging the mouse) I get this error

    hope that helps :\

  7. admin :

    Try a fresh install?

    Also, send the map so we can test!

  8. Nuclearpirates :

    Hello! I have a bug to report. It seems for whatever reason that when I hit a bot, or a bullet (have not tried in multiplayer) with the stun grenade (flash grenade, which ever you call it), the game crashes and I get the black screen with the script saying hit ctrl + 4 (or what ever the script says) I have tested it multiple times and it still keeps happening. Though this would be good to know.

  9. admin :

    Hi nuclear. I cannot reproduce this. Please try to do a fresh install

    Cqn you post the error screenshot?

  10. Nuclearpirates :

    Yes, I have tested it out, and I continuously get this error
    It happens when ever a flash grenade goes off, regardless of whether it effects someone or not. I have re-installed twice, once with the 1.07 installer, and 1.08 installer and still get the same error. The conditions do not seem to change the outcome. I have tried different arena’s both official and unofficial. Playing with multiple bots, or none. This error even comes up if the bots throw the flash grenade.
    While the error does go off, the sound of the flash grenade going off repeats over and over again. I have no idea what could be the cause of this. I could have just done something wrong, but I’m not sure as to what I could have done, had I done anything. :\

  11. Kevin Johnson :

    I can report that the Wineskin Launcher is still dead.

    @Admin, Is there a way to revert to v106 ALPHA so I can still play that old version while I’m waiting for the official port?

  12. Tosmatobeef :

    I’ve reinstalled, and it still happens (only with the one map though)

    here’s the map,

    Also, the map was made in v106, but none of my other old maps crash :\

  13. Josh :

    The new update’s been exciting for me, especially the lethal cardboard boxes.

    Contact between the player with boxes, or apparently any movable object (like the purple target orbs), causes a game crash. I can come into contact with enemies though.

  14. RedMser :

    Not sure if it is random, but sometimes when using Desert or Tundra tiles in the editor they show “polygon not counter-clockwise” or something. Or something with invalid vertex. Also sometimes when creating or moving layers, the window for the layers dissapears, and won’t come back, then the game crashes and I have to restart.

  15. Granlou60 :

    (PS : Sorry for my bad english)
    Hi ! I’ve played about an hour, and i think i got only one little graphic bug : I was against a bot on deathmatch mode, and the bot had a “Matter Police Issue”. I think I killed him when he was pointing at him (I’m not sure). But his gun’s cursor stayed when he was dead. Here’s my screenshot : (I’m in the top left corner, the cursor is in the middle and the body of the bot is in the bottom right corner)
    The cursor disappeared when the bot respawned. It’s the only bug I’ve met.
    And if I can make a suggestion on the developement of the game, I really think Cobalt needs an online multiplayer mode, there’s a lot of potential in it.
    Thanks for reading my message and thanks a lot for your awesome game !

  16. Kuro :

    does anyone else get an instant crash when they load safest gate?

    i’ve also crashed several times when trying to use the button above the door to the far right, and since i can’t seem to launch the map, i can’t test if this has been fixed in 108.

    i also got what seems to be a physics/collision crash, when i was impatiently running through the tutorial and i tried to shoot while the gun was inside a falling brick.

    and lastly another random crash while i was playing capture the plug?

  17. WxAaRoNxW :

    when will there be a lan?

  18. Mikirog :

    I want an option to change a graphic options/quality. I have powerful computer, but this game runs very slowly.

  19. Luke :


    I get the same error! Again and again! Tried to reinstall 3 times!

  20. admin :

    Thanks! Super stupid bug, you can see the reason there yourself with the accidental “F” in the function name. Fixed in v109 which will be released Asap

  21. admin :

    Thanks for the report! Fixed in v109 to be released asap

  22. Granlou60 :

    Hi again, I just remember an other bug, but I have no screenshots, sorry…
    I was on an deathmatch mode against 3 bots in three diffrent teams (one blue, one green, one yellow and i was red). I finished a match, winning, and the next match, there was only a yellow bot. I could still see the points of the blue and the green bot at the top of the screen, but they were not there (of course, their points stayed at 0). In this match, the yellow bot beats me, and in the next match the blue and the green bots were there. The map was “Black Alley” and I put a 10 points limit, maybe it will help…

  23. admin :

    Thanks, that was interesting… Will examine

  24. Crazy :

    I’ve been getting two annoying errors on survival maps.

    1 Research Facility
    Once the game starts on this map, I get an endless amount of errors, all saying “loop sound: loops/platform.ogg could not be started”. This fills a large section of the screen, blocking the view, making this map completely unplayable.

    2 Safest Gate
    Once the game starts on this map, I get the following error message:

    An LUA script error has occurred!
    Press CTRL + R to reset the script parser
    A screenshot of this error has been saved

    daisyMoon/tile.lua:O: attempt to call field ‘angleDFifference’ (a nil value)
    stack traceback:
    daisyMoon/tile.lua: in function ‘activatedPhysicsUpdate’
    daisyMoon/map.lua: in function ‘updatePhysics’
    daisyMoon/map.lua: in function ‘update’
    daisyMoon/game.lua: in function ‘updateGametime’
    daisyMoon/game.lua: in function ‘update’
    daisyMoon/lib/stateManager.lua: in function ‘update’
    daisyMoon/mainApp.lua: in function ‘update’
    daisyMoon/main.lua: in function ‘v’
    [string "print= daisy.print;..."]:31: in function

    I am unable to find the screenshot on my computer.

    (These error messages appear after the game starts, but before I am able to press any keys)

    Any suggestions?

  25. Gray :

    Hello, I would like to report a bug (more of a rare occurrence) that happened to me during a Capture the Plug match on the SnowFall map. The bug involves the Plug getting stuck in the upper areas of the map, on that little ledge topping off the walls. In my case, the plug was stuck in the upper left of the map, with bots (3 on the opposite team, 2 on my team) all scrambling up the wall trying to retrieve it, but to no avail do to the overhang that the plug was on. There the plug stayed, preventing both teams from gaining any more points until I quit the match.

    Suggestion: A de-spawn time on the Plug, to prevent this from happening on other maps as well.

    Thanks for your time, ill be reporting any more bugs I come across in the future! =)

  26. Androidian072 :

    Hey, I have a couple screens to pass along. These both happened whilst running through the Tutorial. (I was also using a wireless Xbox 360 controller via USB receiver).

    I hope these help!

  27. admin :

    Thanks for all of these bug reports! They are very helpful! Taking care of the nasty bugs!

  28. WaterBound :

    Oxeye please tell me when to be 109?

  29. Steve :

    Seems like every time I try to play the game now, I get a massive laundry list of sound-related errors, some of which freeze the game and necessitate a hard restart of Cobalt.

  30. admin :

    V109 Tomorrow!

    Please post a screenshot of the sound error,, F11

  31. Gray :

    Hello again, I am reporting a crash that seems to always happen when I attempt to play Survival on the Safest Gate map. The crash occurs shortly after I confirm that I’m ready. I would of attached a screenshot but little would be seen, its just the screen fading into the game with me at the starting position.

    Let me know if you would like a screenshot of this crash, along with how to find the screenshots on my computer…

    Thanks! =)

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