Cobalt v109 Alpha change-log

August 21st, 2012, Cobalt, Updates & Patches

Hi again! v108 brought in a really nasty bug that has been affecting many people. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding with the fact that this game is still heavily in development! While we always try to keep bugs at a minimum, realistically there will probably be more in the future. So thank you again for your understanding!

Aside from fixing the instability in v108, v109 adds a number of changes.

Rail weapons have now matured into a more finished shape and are starting to feel like a worthy part of the game. Another big change is that regular bullets, like slugger bullets and matter shots will no longer collide with each other, but instead only with explosives and throwables. This reduces the annoyance certain situations where auto-aim would aim at things you absolutely did not want to shoot at and I feel has made combat less confusing. We have also rebalanced all aim-ranges for guns to that they better match their effective range and improved the usage of scopes.

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Change Log


  • Phaser bullet has gotten a slight push added to hitting objects. (like when phasering a grenade, it will be slightly pushed)
  • Rail weapon slugs now now start to wobble in the air over time eventually leading to end of their flight into a de-stabilized debris bullet (resulting in their effective range being different)
  • Tweaked rail bullet bullet-time effect.
  • Camera behaviour with auto aim has been tweaked. It now shows ahead of you based on the weapon range even without a target being spotted.
  • All weapons have had their aimranges tweaked, as well as reworked scope to extend aim range beyond effective bullet range making it possible to plan your attack better
  • gyrojet gun bullet have a little less life-time and more acceleration (overall less range, but a little faster)
  • missiles have a little less range, have a moment in the start where the rocket is not ignited, and slightly less top speed, but have a high explosive radius.
  • made the rolling quickly from left to right quickly less slippery.
  • Bullets such as rail slugs, matter, gyrojet bullets and slugger shots are now part of a new collision group which makes them not interact with each other. They will still hit grenades and missiles, and grenades still hit each other. Changed this because: A) inter-bullet collision behaviour was not clear, B) it made it really hard to attack bunched up robots, C) when it happened it was usually not desired. D) Old behaviour was more of a nuisance than fun. E) it distinguishes the bullet-grenade behaviour more clearly.
  • Range for punch and kick is slighly longer range.
  • Railgun shots are now deflectable, but they have a penetration value which means that even if you deflect they will deliver some of their damage. If the damage delivered is more than the health you have, the bullet will simply go straight through you. (the “Rail Gun” will kill you even if you deflect due to its damage (5) multiplied with its penetration (0.4) being higher than the metalface max health (1).


  • Fixed crash bug regarding touching activated tiles.
  • Fixed layer switching crashes and move tiles layer switch crashes
  • Fixed map load crash related to updating an actor spawn with too many weapons. (possibly)
  • Fixed infinite upgrades on items when carrying two of the same
  • Fixed infinite spike bird deflect glow.
  • Fixed phaser bullet incorrect range (was accidentally being placed inside the gun in v107)
  • Spawn rings are back again (accidentally went missing)
  • Double reaction enhancer boxes in some resolutions fixed.
  • Fixed camera and laser bugs related to the beams (stuttering, and disappearing)
  • fixed editor rose crash related to pickups
  • force device added to pickups list
  • fixed some annoying behaviour in the upgrade and shop gui when items run out of stock.

7 Responses to “Cobalt v109 Alpha change-log”

  1. EyeLess Man :

    Can’t purchase weapons in survival maps

  2. admin :

    oh man.. thanks for the report. Will upload v110 right away

  3. Janeator :

    Hi Oxeye team! Just saying, the v110 changelog link onto the main page leads to this page!

  4. Nuclearpirates :

    Hello again, I’m still getting the same error I got in v108 when a flash grenade goes off. Though it’s less annoying because the sound doesn’t repeat as fast as it did before. I’ve re-installed once again using the v110 you guys have uploaded, and still this happens. Well that’s my bug report, hope you guys can help me out.

  5. LaserBurst :

    Janeator facepalm. 1 bug fix
    “Can’t purchase weapons in survival maps”
    “oh man.. thanks for the report. Will upload v110 right away”

  6. Thrax :

    Is what you plan to do a multiplayer mode?

  7. LaserBurst :

    OMG! Bugs and brakes…
    After the destruction of the catapult on the left of the base over the spawn of robots. Safest Gate
    Only work on the bugs please and release patches more often!

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