Cobalt v110 Alpha change-log

August 21st, 2012, Cobalt, Updates & Patches

This is only a tiny hotfix for the shop-buying crash in v109. Lets hope this is the last fatal bug now!


  • Fixed buying stuff in shops crash.

26 Responses to “Cobalt v110 Alpha change-log”

  1. Luke :

    Dear Oxeye,

    thanks for the two Updates, but my Game still crashes if an Flashbang Grenade explodes. Black screen with “…Lua Script Parser Error…” Code on it. The game is unplayable!

  2. admin :

    Hi Luke!

    Thanks for the report, it has been fixed in v111..

    The effect crashes with shaders off. Try having them on in the meantime

  3. Kuro :

    i crash every time i destroy the catapult robot over the far left area in safest gate, and woops i can’t seem to find the bug reporting website, so here is the error-screen:

  4. Crazy :

    An update button or something like that in the laucher would be usefull…. When will that be implemented?

  5. admin :

    There is an update button if you login? Have you been playing offline always?

  6. Crazy :

    Always online, never seen.

    Anyways, I’m still getting the Research Facility error (I even installed OpenAL).

    Any suggestions?

  7. admin :

    Hmm. Very strange. What os are you on? Have you tried a clean install in a new location?

    What is your sound card? Do sounds work generally?

    Is the platform.ogg file in the loops folder under daisymoon?

  8. Crazy :

    Windows 7 Service Pack 1
    I’m not sure
    There isn’t a daisymoon folder, just a .cfg file

  9. Gluch :

    What also will be good for the laucher is that there will be a check button for: Remember password bacause i have a pretty long one, i have to type it every time in.

  10. LaserBurst :

    Kuro +1. Please release bugfix patch

  11. Monstar43 :

    There still seems to be a problem with Safest Gate, whenever I shoot the sentry on the left side of the map (Don’t know the correct name), my game crashes. I’ll post screenshots the next time it happens. Hope you fix it. ^_^

  12. Brennan :

    Can’t even update now my game crashes every time I try to launch the launcher.

  13. admin :

    Crazy: check in the install folder. Btw you can remove the error by setting hideMessges to true in debug.cfg.. Are more people experiencing this?

    Brennan: try running it in administrator mode or download a fresh installer from the homepage

  14. WxAaRoNxW :

    when i kill the robot the one in the safest gate in the very left the robot that doesn’t do anything when i throw a sticky bomb on him it crash or maybe kill it. it crash

  15. UselessJoe :

    Thanks again for countless hours of fun, love playing the game and seeing the development of it. No bugs to report that i have found. Also, is there an estimated release date for campaign?

    Thanks again, UselessJoe :)

  16. Fascka :

    Thanks for this awesome game

  17. Crazy :

    Ah, thank you. No more goddamned error messages!

  18. Crazy :


    Where’s the Matter Army Issue on Survival House?

  19. Crazy :

    Never mind

  20. WxAaRoNxW :

    ADMIN i found a problem in the safest gate when i kill the robot in the very left of the map wwhen i kill it my map crash help i did this for 5 times and it’s still crashing HELP

  21. WxAaRoNxW :

    and i think when i get a 2000 points in the upper screen the map dissasapear
    i think only

  22. sherlock_h :


    i pre-ordered he gam back in december and have been waiting for news of the Beta (mac!!!!!) release date, but we have heard almost nothing. is there anything definitive you guys can say about that?


  23. Grazloth :

    If you kill “SentryLow2″ game crashes… (This sentry is at left side of Safest Gate)

  24. Crazy :

    Quite a few crashes….

  25. Crazy :

    Btw some of the images are slightly obsolete

  26. Crazy :

    Oh and btw you need to update the shield belt part of the tutorial =)

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