Cobalt v111 Alpha change-log

August 28th, 2012, Cobalt, Updates & Patches

Hi again!

We have updated Cobalt again! Hit the jump for the full change-log!


Change Log


  • Using shops, entering entrances, using buttons and such now uses an action called “interact” which defaults to “up” so that it can be changed independant of up.
  • Outdoors now has a climate settings which applies a general theme to the colors. Old style is preserved as “alien”
  • Added a reload-boost bonus that makes you reload faster if you press attack at the right time during the reload animation as indicated by a marker on the progress bar.
  • Reduced bullet time effect again for rail weapons to increase the level of action and decrease the time given to deflect.
  • Semi-fire style weapons have gotten a new behaviour where if you simply hold to shoot it will shoot at the old rate of fire, but if you tap it, you get a tiny bit faster. However, this comes at a certain disadvantage since the recoil will be a lot worse. Affected weapons: Matter gun, matter blaster, matter prototype, slugger revolver, slugger semi. While weapons like the rail defender shoot what could be considered semi fire, their rate of fire is not controlled by their trigger finger and thus not affected by this.
  • Different actor states like ducking, aiming and running and such now also affect the rate at which the actor recovers from recoil.
  • Made the charge bonus after a successful fully chargedpunch hit actually recharge the fist fully. In practice this means that if you get 1 such succesful hit, you can chain them up if you time the taps correctly.
  • Updated tutorial with new rooms and tweaked some other rooms.
  • Added “Reapply locale theme” under <Locales> to assist with generating new mountains.
  • Added a weird atmospheric actor.


  • Hack screen success now looks proper in higher resolutions.
  • Flashbangs work in shaders off
  • Destroying sentry catapults no longer result in a game crash
  • Recoded the conveyour belt physics so that they are less crazy with their speed adding.
  • The jump kick (and all in general) force on yourself when hitting stuff (like the floor) is not less additive and more balanced.
  • Fixed strange camera region behaviour

93 Responses to “Cobalt v111 Alpha change-log”

  1. filip15100 :

    Yay! Another update! I’m starting to love this

  2. Nuclearpirates :

    Yay the flash grenades work again :D I love this, it runs so much faster on my computer now, no more lag.
    I do have one request though. Could you let us customize the “interact” function? I’ve set up an xbox controller to how I would like it, however the “interact” function seems to default on the joystick, the one I don’t use. I like the idea of have the function placed in a different spot from the “up” function, but being able to customize it would be much better.

  3. LaserBurst :

    OMG! Thank for update!

  4. Gluch :

    Thanks keep going like this! I really hope this game will be a BIG succes thanks and a big applause for jeb and other developers!

  5. UselessJoe :

    Hey, great update! One bug i have found is when i play survival on safest gate after i have been through the cave with the ninjas and pulled the lever that opens the closed off area. But when i go through into that area the game crashes, something to do with custom ai? Please fix asap.

    Thanks, UslessJoe :)

  6. APirateHat :

    Already? Nice.

    Though I was too slow to report the bugs I found in v110.
    I couldn’t pick a galaxy, even after putting the galaxies in the galaxies folder. Also phaser jumping doesn’t always work on sand.

    These might have been fixed in this update, will have to try. Will also try a reinstall.

  7. Mario_Andre :

    Going to check it out! :)
    Minecon 2012 will there be capes…?

  8. Crazy :

    Yet another Safest Gate bug, as described by “Useless” Joe….

  9. Crazy :

    Also, while in a game, hiting Escape then Main Menu, Settings, Open Controller Menu crashes the game.

  10. Crazy :

    On Safest Gate, when you use the button to cause the explosion to drop the rocks onto the first sentry, killing it, destroying said rocks at a certain angle with a phaser crashes the game as well.

  11. fil94 :

    hi, ive encountered an awkward error, i got this in v110 but i didnt report it cos you guys were releasing this. whenever i put the 4 shops down and press F5 to test, the game errors on me and crashes my game /:

    thank you

  12. fil94 :

    sorry here is a link too

  13. admin :

    Hi! Thanks for the error reports! Please always include the crash screenshot if it crashes!

    About the shops: the single item vendor crashes if it has no itemtype selected. Will fix!

  14. Janeator :

    Thanks Oxeye! Hope the thermal bomb no longuer crashes on water! btw, the ambient coloration on v110 was right to me…
    Let’s test this new one!

  15. Sweetraveparty :

    Hi! Unfortunately, the editor still crashes if you place anything. I’ve made sure to include a screenshot this time. I’ve had this same problem since v109, and every version after that, including this one.

  16. admin :

    Hi. If you look in bottom right corner it says deep horizon. I dont know how, but you have managed to select a layer which does not support tiles, and in it managed to select a tile placing tool. This should not be possible and is a bug.

    Try changing layer with Z

  17. Crazy :

    Btw how does one change the key mapping for the new ‘interact’ function?

  18. Cirald :

    Thank you so much for this update
    I thought i will never play Cobalt anymore!

  19. Grazloth :

    Nice update, but plasma canon is little buggy.. Try it at research facility.
    Plasma canon has a big explosions, and this cause the game is crashed.

  20. tom :

    YAY! Cobalt is the best 2d game ever!

  21. admin :

    Please post screenshots of any crashes you encounter!

  22. Sweetraveparty :

    Thank you! That fixed the editor crashing. On-wards to some map-making :D

  23. Grazloth :

    If plasma canon hits air bomb, game crashes without crash log… I think plasma canon can’t hit enemies from bellow.

  24. Grazloth :

    Only in fullscreen

  25. Crazy :

    Goddamned annoying elevator glitch, not sure what triggers it….
    But when you walk into the empty elevator shaft:

  26. Crazy :

    Since v110a, I think.

  27. Crazy :

    As gameplay continues, the game gets lower and lower framerates (then, eventually, lag) untill it becomes stuck on one frame

  28. Crazy :

    And yes, I know, it’s not a glitch or anything, but it’s a bit of a pain in the arse, unless you have 4 people

  29. admin :

    Crazy: i saw that elevator thing too yesterday. Damn strange, I have some clues as to what it can be though, so I’ll get cracking.

    About fps dropping over time. What maps were you playing? I’d like to try and narrow down the cause as much as possible

  30. WxAaRoNxW :

    wow thx i need that sentry catapult its pretty hard not killing that sentry

  31. KleinDavy :

    If you use a phaser on the blocks that fall down on the right side of Safest Gate the game crashes. :(

  32. admin :

    Thanks for the report! will fix!

  33. gabe565 :

    This game is so fun! Thank you for opening the alpha to the pre-orderers!

    I don’t think this error has been reported yet, though. When I am playing the Safest Gate survival map, I like getting around sometimes by launching myself in the air with the phaser. Only problem is, every time I do that on the elevator, the game crashes! I realized it a while ago but I decided to wait because I knew the v111 Alpha was coming out soon.


  34. Crazy :

    Klein, thank you for wording that in an understandable way. I’ve so far been unable to do so myself.

    It only crashes if you hit them with the phaser at certain angles.

  35. WxAaRoNxW :

    i have encountered a bug not that bug but when i go in the hacking screen and when i pres up in the first part and turn left im trapped and i can’t hack nor go back

  36. WxAaRoNxW :

    turn left or right *

  37. WxAaRoNxW :

    turn left or right *

  38. WxAaRoNxW :

    sry it double chat

  39. admin :

    Wx: on safest gate?

  40. ConnySSJ4 :

    Hello, I installed cobalt v.111 today (i already have cobalt but is v.106)
    And when i played it, It says script error! Can your help me with that pleace!!!!

  41. LuluFero3003 :

    How do I register?

  42. Ian Le Boss :

    Loving these new updates. Cant wait for adventure mode

  43. tommer :

    there is a bug when breaking stone crashes the game

  44. WxAaRoNxW :


  45. ConnySSJ4 :

    No when i typing play offline,

    Skript Error Press Ctrl + R For reset the script bla bla bla

  46. WxAaRoNxW :

    i found another bug in the safest gate about the elevator

    when you have a gun and point it in the bottom of the elevator and shoot the middle of the i think the name is generator and when you shoot it the elevator dissapear and when you go to where the platform of the elevator the map crash

    and admin could you make an option to remove enemy parts hen they die they leave parts and it lags me

  47. WxAaRoNxW :

    the ammo of the gun should be matter i think or the expensive gun

  48. WxAaRoNxW :

    i found another bug in the safest gate when you destroy the stone with a phaser the game crashes

  49. WxAaRoNxW :

    i found another bug wow so many bug in the safest gate when you destroy the wire of the beam with a phaser in the right the game crashes

  50. ConnySSJ4 :

    Can someone help me with that????

  51. WxAaRoNxW :

    the elevator bug i think its bug but its rare to have that bug i think

  52. WxAaRoNxW :

    wait i found it when you already shoot the middle bottom of the elevator and turn on the elevator caller the elevator disapear and when you go to where the platform of the elevator the game crash finally solved it :D

  53. ConnySSJ4 :

    Admin? Can you help me????

  54. Grazloth :

    If you using a plasma canon with fullscreen game sometimes crashes too, but without change log. Usually if you hit airbomb. Tested map: Research facility
    Yes, and also makes enormous explosions that cause white throughout the location.

  55. admin :

    Conny: please upload the script error screenshot somewhere. They are saved in you cobalt installation folder.

  56. ConnySSJ4 :


  57. ConnySSJ4 :

    Ehhh… How did i upload that screenshot, i have find it but idont know how i can upload it… XP

    I’m 12 years old and i live in Sweden, Sorry for bad English!

  58. ConnySSJ4 :

    And a annother thing, i dont have buy the game! My mum dont want to pay anymore (cuz i promise she dont need to pay a second time), i only have buy minecraft!

    If someone can understand me, cuz it’s a really bad English…


  59. ConnySSJ4 :

    And a annother things, I AM WAITING FOR THE SCROLLS CODE!!!!

  60. Bodeane Butler :

    Ah brilliant, nothing better than playing all the new maps for the first time. Great stuff, can wait for the next updates, apart from the last few being buggy, its been great.

  61. ConnySSJ4 :


  62. admin :

    Conny. Upload the error screenshot to imgur and post the link to it here

  63. ConnySSJ4 :

    Ok, i will try. :)

  64. ConnySSJ4 :

    I made it!

  65. Grazloth :
    this is happen if i use plasma canon at research facility… and game sometimes

  66. Grazloth :

    Game also crashed if i strike air bomb with plasma canon (with spinner currently)

  67. ConnySSJ4 :


  68. ConnySSJ4 :


  69. admin :

    Hi conny. Please download a fresh installer from the homepage. There is apparently is a bug in v111 if updating from an old version like 106.

    Also, as a safety measure, check in your my documents folder if you have a cobalt folder there. If you do, please delete the “controls” folder that is under it since that is what is contains the old data.

  70. ConnySSJ4 :

    Ok thank you so much! And a stupit questions…

    I cant find the fresh installer in the homepage!!!

  71. admin :

    Hi Grazloth: I think I’ve fixed this bug in v112. Thanks for the report!

  72. ConnySSJ4 :


  73. Grazloth :

    Thank you

  74. admin :

    Conny: right in the middle of the page, there is a link that says “Download Windows Client”. That is the installer.

    direct link:

  75. ConnySSJ4 :

    thanks admin! It works again!!!

    And can you say what is the name of all the new map!

    Cuz i have download maps so i dont know what the new map is and, when will we be able to play campaign/adventures?


  76. ConnySSJ4 :

    And can i play online? I always plays i offline mode.


  77. Crazy :

    All maps do this.

    But (~What a fucking surprise) Safest Gate has the worst problems with this

  78. Crazy :

    Oh, and any news on when v112 alpha is going to be released?

  79. Crazy :


    Would it be possible to implement something like a reticle to show where ‘throwables’ will land? Or maybe a flight trajectory could be displayed?

  80. Crazy :

    As a toggleable option, though

  81. Crazy :

    Yet another idea / question:

    Will the level editor ever have the options to edit stuff like how many weapons the player can hold or the ability to tweak the prices of stuff in survival mode?

  82. Savio :

    Hello Oxeye! Im having a problem since i’ve updated to v1.1.1, theres a bug (not sure if is happening only with me) that the game sometimes lags a lot! the game just stop from nothing, the sounds start to be repeating, in a loop, and the game freeze from nothing, what is happening? Oh, and that didnt happened in v1.1.0!

  83. NTedNinja64 :

    I know the level editor isn’t ’supported’ right now but I thought of something to make it easier to create levels for those who have little patience (LIKE ME!)

    In it’s own way it could have a step tutorial that always plays through, such as “add platforms” to start on collision, then move to “add a background” and then “add a foreground” then “add shops” and so on until it went through all the steps that cover everything. I kind of had the idea stuck in my head for awhile and based it off of Little Big Planet, the tutorials in it are very simple and step by step. If the level editor had this as an option it could not only help people like me it might also stream line level production making it go faster. Just a thought.

    Seems like most of the major bugs so far have been found, I have tested most of the ones I read about here and confirmed them, the elevator/phaser bug on safest gate is a little odd, I can’t get it to disappear but it does crash when I shoot it with the phaser.

    Also in research facility the lag from objects (I leave mine on the default 200 but recently reduced it to 50) is much greater than other maps, though it might be simply because I never move from the starting area since so many enemies come through too quickly and it all piles up in one spot.

    Thanks for the great update! Hope adventure mode comes up soon :P

  84. admin :

    Hi Savio!

    for v112, i have fixed a couple of potential bugs related to game getting slower over time.

    The freeze, did that happen as you jumped into an empty elevator shaft?

  85. Cirald :

    safest gate map has a problem: when i try to destroy the “button” in the far right it crashes.
    and far right i mean inside the door

  86. BenjiSta :

    I log in and it says that I don’t own cobalt on this account.
    Can you help me to fix that?

  87. WxAaRoNxW :

    i have encountered a glitch when i go in the hacking screen and when i press up in the first part and turn left im trapped and i can’t hack nor go back

    heres another bug in the safest gate when you destroy the wire of the beam with a phaser in the right the game crashes

    another bug :D when you already shoot the middle bottom of the elevator with a fully upgraded matter assualt and turn on the elevator caller the elevator disappear and when you go to where the platform of the elevator the game crash but its rare

    found another bug in the safest gate when you destroy the stone with a phaser the game crashes

  88. ConnySSJ4 :

    WxAaRoNxW, you are pro to find bug! And Matter assault fully upgrade? You are a good plyer to…

  89. WxAaRoNxW :

    haha thx

  90. WxAaRoNxW :

    i can get a matter assault in just 5 min or maybe 10 :D

  91. ConnySSJ4 :

    Awesome! I can get matter assault in 10 minute ithink…

    but my highscore is around 2000 in survival house! I dont have play so much.

  92. Savio :

    Hey Thewreck, well, i was playing a survival match with my cousin (or it was a deathmach?) and the game started lagging from nothing, it wasnt in a elevator shaft, i was just playing, then that happened!

  93. admin :

    Savio: I think I might have taken care of this in v113, but i’m not sure. I found a really strange bug that did exactly this.

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