Cobalt v112+v113 Alpha change-log

September 18th, 2012, Cobalt, Updates & Patches

We updated to v112 without telling anyone because we found some bugs right after we uploaded. So this is the changelog for both 112 and 113!


We have now updated Cobalt again, and this time it is mainly a bug-fixing update. The main progress that has been made is on the adventure stuff which is still not part of the alpha just yet.

Change Log


  • Notice: I have restructured the inventory system and the behaviour should be like the old one, but please be on the lookout for any changes or new bugs in it.
  • Notice: I have also restructured the reload and emotion system, so be on the lookup for strange bugs there too!
  • Added a settings for debris duration. Debris will now only remain for that number. Default is 5 minutes.
  • Added more sounds to spikebird.
  • Lava balls have been modified so that they dont care about the lava until they exit it. This might cause some changed trajectories in certain maps. I have done a small default adjustment that worked well for dr reds hideout. Uncertain how it will work for other maps.
  • Added a slight shadow behind pickupables when highlighted


  • Interact is now also editable in presets.
  • Strange rectangle in actors group in editor was rendered by the spawner booth and has been fixed. This also used to affect maps.
  • Fixed shops without any stock crashing
  • Fixed having to press the slot button 3 times after a pickup to change the weapon.
  • Fixed a crash that occured when using the phaser on active tiles.
  • Fixed a bug where debris would not be destroyable by explosions
  • Fixed a crash bug where airbomb and perhaps birds would generate too many fx crashing the game when killed by certain plasma shots.
  • Fixed a bug where AI would consider teleporters that could only teleport objects a path.
  • Fixed trails behind bullets not behaving correctly when teleported.
  • Map Editor: Fixed select target shortcut (3) when tapped multiple times would only switch between the first two.
  • Fixed using two underscores in mapnames generating wrong default names
  • Fixed a bug where a divison by zero would cause a hang on converyour belts.
  • Fixed jump kick not working by tapping if you had “hold” in your double jump preferences.
  • Fixed rendering of certain tiles, for example, shadows with alpha no longer create lines.
  • Sliding doors would render incorrectly on non-default resolutions
  • Lava now hurts actors while under the effect of klonk
  • Fixed a number of strange bugs that appeared in v112, like infinite scale pupils on spikebirds, helmet crashes and infinite remove lists on scrappable objects, converters stopping if you leave and stand on it again.

60 Responses to “Cobalt v112+v113 Alpha change-log”

  1. Grazloth :

    Nice ! THX

  2. Medic :

    tanka guys. now i will back to my base on my Meeemcopter. cya!

  3. Evil The Cat :

    When are you gonna let me use the d-pad to control my character instead of the wonky analog stick? I’m playing a platformer, not Pac-Man.

  4. MrBubbleSS :

    Evil The Cat, you can change controls by hitting start, opening the profile menus and such, and modifying the preset controls for the preset you are using. It’s a little complex, but it’s also pretty intuitive. Then you make sure you are using the control preset you selected.

  5. cc :

    I couldn’t run cobalt after this update.

  6. admin :

    cc: Can you post what is happening?

  7. Jeff :

    Hi there, I tried to update Cobalt to v112/v113 but after the update it wouldn’t run giving me this error instead:

    ‘The application or DLL c:\Games\Colbat\OpenAL32.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette’

    Sounds like a nasty bug or Image error… Hope there is a fix soon

    17:52 PM

  8. Jeff :

    RE : EDIT – Cobalt won’t launch 19/09/12

    I solved the problem by removing the OpenAL32.dll file and it works thanks to reading the forums :D

  9. THR :

    I also get an error message on startup after installing the update.

    In swedish:
    Cobalt\OpenAL32.dll är antingen inte uformat för att köras på Windows eller så innehåller det ett fel.

  10. LaserGod :

    crash – threw glow sticks at the enemy in the survival

  11. ConnySSJ4 :

    That can be a same proprem some i get.

  12. Sherlock_h :

    I’m getting desparate! MAC SUPPORT!

  13. Icycubed :

    YOU BROKE IT!!!!!!!! I cant run it because it says it cant find OpenAL32.dll

  14. tom :

    Great work guys!

  15. THR :

    Installing/reinstalling Direct X and VC++ 2010 DR does not seem to resolve the OpenAL32.dll problem.

  16. DankMJ :

    Game crashes whenever i shoot the robots that can’t turn around in the face with the slugger assault on both survival house and safest gate.

  17. Crazy :

  18. Crazy :

    Btw this one is Safest Gate, the previous one was Survival House

  19. Crazy :

    Oh, and I was using a Matter Army Issue with everything fully upgraded except for the scope on Survival House, and the Matter Assault with the laser pointer on Safest Gate, if that helps

  20. ciuccio2000 :

    Great job! Thanks again for the game! :D


  21. Crazy :

    They’re working on it, ciuccio.
    Since Cobalt is pretty much entirely about timing, Oxeye needs to make sure that they take into account server and client latency, lag, etc.

    Which, thankfully, they’ve recognised from the beginning.
    They’re not using any simple, shitty servers; It’s complex as fuck, and needs to be perfected.

  22. spywhere :

    Well, seem like i have to wait for a while… :\

  23. Splaph :

    MAJOR error with attacking things.. im not sure what it is so i uploaded it.

  24. Crazy :

    Here’s another random suggestion:

    Can it be made so that double tapping the “aim” key switches targets?

  25. Crazy :

    Oh, and will there be a leaderboard for survival mode?

  26. Crazy :

    Wait, why aren’t adventure maps showing up? Was the ‘prefix’ (i.e. adv_, sur_) changed?

  27. Samkm :

    Oooh, I found a bug, I found a bug :D
    *jumps up and down*
    My game on Survival House was interupted by this message, whilst battling bots with the Slugger Assault
    Seems to be some kind of physics bug, looking at the error messages?

  28. Ossom :

    You are the bestest! Now I deded! <3

  29. mechron :

    HELP OpenAL.dll thingyy error i deleted OpenAL but still no work WHY!!!

  30. mechron :

    okay its fixed but now i cant update just 5% then says error while updating HELP!!! ;(

  31. WxAaRoNxW :

    Theres A bug in the safest gate in the robot spawner in the right when you punch that robot in the face the game crashes

  32. Samkm :

    Yeah, the cause of the bug seems to be when those robots (the silver vehicle ones that can only face one direction) take any damage to the face (apart from Matter Bullets possibly? Needs more testing), the game crashes! If you don’t want your game interrupted, be careful to make sure you always attack them from behind, and make sure you don’t deflect any of their projectiles back at them!

  33. admin :

    mechron: what kind of message do you recieve?

  34. Sávio :

    Hey thewreck, im having a annoying glitch, that the game camera sometimes dont get me, and i appear out of the camera, making impossible to me to win, cause i cant see anything! only if i get near another player or die!

  35. Gosergod :

    Admins please release bugfixes patch today.

  36. Crazy :

    Ah, so this admin is The Wreck?

    Lol I actually thought that he was Frall for a bit….

  37. MR.MOLE :

    lack of sound i cant hear what is going on most of the time the old copy openal32.dll in but that didnt work i cant hear gun shots or foot steps

  38. Crazy :
    Survival House, Matter Army with extended magazines and laser pointer

  39. Samkm :

    Here’s a list of pictures that clearly show the origin of the bug, some kind of bullet collision glitch with the silver vehicles. It seems to only occur when bullets hit the front bumper of the vehicles, or the top turret.
    Good luck with fixing the bug!

  40. admin :

    Samkm: thanks for the report! This has been taken care of in v114!

  41. GOLDGOOD :

    When will the 114???

  42. cc :

    oxeygames please add a training mode where all you do is practice your moves

  43. Crazy :

    Cc, the last room in the advanced section of the tutorial might be good for that, if you’re looking to just test jump moves and stuff.
    Otherwise, you can do Survival with health set at 20*.

    And why aren’t adventure maps showing up in the map selection menu?

  44. Crazy :

    As a matter of fact, no custom maps are showing up at all.

  45. Brennan :

    Please add Mac support.

  46. Crazy :

    Alright, now SOME survival maps are working.

    New bug: I changed my metalfaces eye colour, but now different maps assign random eye colours (I chose pink =P).

  47. Crazy :

    Why aren’t installed adventure, challenge, etc. (the ones that are currently without default maps) working? They don’t appear in the map selection menu.

    The weird bit is, this has always worked prior to the update. After I removed everything from the maps folder to update said maps, they didn’t come back upon reinstalling them. I have tried using both old and new versions of the maps. Not to mention, after asking my friends (and the Cobalt Forums), I seem to be the only person who is having this problem.

  48. Crazy :

    Btw I’m sorry for not posting many bugs as of late, I’ve been going back to playing Ocarina of Time =P

  49. FabiotheTurtle :

    Heya. As I’m sure you’re all aware, there is a bug when any bullet of a high enough caliber hits a Sentry on the bottom front bumper or any hitbox associated with it and is a “penetrating hit,” it crashes.

    Also! In regards to the emotion changes – I’ve found that before the update, when a Metalface would laugh, he’d usually finish on a lower note laugh. This rarely happens, though I doubt it’s a bug, choosing to end in a chirp. Although sometimes the laugh goes on for more than necessary, too.

    In regards to the weapons system; if you’ve never used a particular weapon slot before, and go to cycle through, it changes once, goes to the start then cycles as normal.
    If you hold a throwable, charge up a throw, then switch to any of the other slots, you will then throw that weapon. This is not always a problem, as you can give other players a gun if you so feel, but sometimes in the hecticity (that’s totally a word), you might throw your gun away. Sometimes bots do it, which somewhat makes sense as a rare drop of sorts. However, if you throw away your fist, you cannot pick it back up.
    Once again, while I like being able to throw away your weapon, it needs a FEW tweaks.

    Other than that, I’ve found if an airbomb chooses to shoot then close it’s shell in time, it will shoot out of the shell. If you control it, you can float about, shell up and nearly indestructable, and shoot.

    Sorry for the long read, but I imagine you guys prefer being thorough.

    Fabio out!

  50. RatherDashing :

    I’ve found a strange bug dealing with throwable weapons. If you take out a throwable weapon, hold the attack button to throw, then, before releasing attack, switching to another weapon. When you release attack, you will throw the item you switched to, which allows you to drop weapons and stuff, but also allows you to drop your fists which can not be picked back up.

  51. Rance :

    Since updating to v113 the game seems to run fine, but there is NO sound. Even on the main menu. No music, no sound effects etc… not present in-game either (tried playing tutorial etc.) Audio on the system runs fine, tried upping the music and sound volumes from their defaults in-game – nothing. No OpenAL errors pop up etc. Tried reinstalling (to both the same directory as previous after uninstall and a new directory entirely..both seem to retain settings between install so they’re either getting it via server or they’re being stored somewhere else on my system). All, no change. Still no audio. Hope this can be fixed. Thanks.

  52. Crazy :

    I found a cosmetic bug dealing with Survival and Bounty (these are my two favourite game types, so most of the bugs that I find will regard these two game types.); After changing my metalface’s eye colour to magenta, I’ve found that on some maps, it will assign a random eye colour (typically yellow, green, blue, and red.)
    This gets REALLY annoying, especially when playing with multiple people at once.

    Btw: Is there any ETR for 114 at the moment?

  53. lolz :

    it wont update it just says: error while downloading update: no response from sever

  54. admin :

    I tried now and it works. Could it have been a temporary fault with the update server?

  55. Eliana Litzenberger :

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  56. dominik :

    it won’t work cause d3dx9_43.dll was not found i am sad please help

  57. admin :

    Dominik: hey! You need to install direct x9c.

  58. lolz :

    i am stuck on 113 alpha. it allways says no response from server i have also tried to reinstall it. SOOO GAY!!

  59. Nerbz :

    It crashes… A bunch… If you damage a robot but do not destroy it, it crashes. Sometimes when the huge hamster tries to eat me, it crashes.
    And over all, it crashes so often ‘-’. If crashes were fixed, this game would be way better. Thank you.

  60. admin :

    Nerbs: this is a comment to a very old version, what version of the game are you running now?

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