Doublevil’s Tower Defense Mod

March 30th, 2010, Harvest, Mods

Screen-100330-01One of our forum members, known as “Doublevil,” has made a pretty rad mod for Harvest. It plays more like a standard tower defense game, with upgradeable towers and enemies attacking your base in a straight line. Doublevil has put a lot of effort into it,  you should definitely check it out! You find it here:

Some highlights:

  • 17 different towers
  • Upgrade menu (with custom-built buttons)
  • Nice use of the rush and threat level GUI items
  • Some clever particle effects (I first thought it was custom graphics)
  • Clean and pretty Lua script, you should definitely take a look

The mod suffers from a crash bug, unfortunately. It occurs sometimes when you upgrade towers, and is likely one of the bugs I’ve fixed for the long lost 1.17 patch… and I still don’t know when we’ll be able to release it… :(

/ jeb

4 Responses to “Doublevil’s Tower Defense Mod”

  1. Hint Hunter :

    ok how and were instal mod plzz reply

  2. Godwin :

    Any news on the patch? Patch is good. Patch is fun. Patch please! :D

  3. yoshi :

    also where do we get the modsfor this game now?

  4. admin :

    Yoshi: there is an archive here:

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