Postcards Have been Sent!

March 23rd, 2010, Cobalt, Gifts

Alright! I’ve left all the postcards at the post office now. Big thanks to all of you who shared your addresses :)

It would be fun to know when/if you get your card. Just leave a message as a comment to this post, or in our forums.


/ jeb

28 Responses to “Postcards Have been Sent!”

  1. Kinten :

    Yay! I got LOTS of postcards today, and they are gorgeous! Hussah!

  2. siken :

    I received my postcard today! Tack så mycket! :D

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Mikael Bauer :

    I just got mine, this is soooooo cool! To be honest with you, this is definitely the coolest thing a developer has ever done in my opinion. Big thanks! I will definitely frame my post card. :)

  4. Daniel Kaplan :

    Thansk for the cute post card. It was like 10 years since I got one :D

  5. Imirik :

    Recieved mine this morning, definately made me smile! Very cool idea :)

  6. Satch :

    I’ve received my postcard too! The concept art is very cool. Thanks guys :D . Is there any special significance behind the code – ‘7gB’?

  7. admin :

    Hey Satch!

    You’re actually the first person to ask about that code… :)

  8. flo :

    Yay, just got mine – thanks a lot, really made my day :)
    Wishing you all the best for your progress with Project B, will keep playing Harvest in the meantime ;)
    Is the code in the red box at the bottom?

  9. siken :

    Oh yeah, I was also wondering what that red box was.
    Mine says “/xA”

  10. John :

    Hi all.
    Thanks for the postcards, they where great!

  11. Mateusz :


    Thanks for the postcard. And the mysterious code in the red box is also present :) I’m still trying to guess how and where can I use it. First idea was wrong.

  12. admin :

    Hehe yeah… I’m not gonna tell you what that code is about, except acknowledge that it IS a code/clue.

    / jeb

  13. M. B. :

    got mine.. Great Idea.. Love your Card.. ^^

  14. Man of The Sea :

    One awesome postcard received today, thanks very muchly.
    It’s pretty.

  15. Daniel Kaplan :

    Yey THanks mistas! :D

  16. robert :

    Got mine too, sorry for not commenting earlier! I love the concept art, it’s definitely one of the prettiest cards I’ve seen/received (only challenged by a card Jackson/Jr sent me of one of his photographs). Really looking forward to what kind of game this’ll be.

    Also, am intrigued by the code now… I like a challenging riddle.

    You’re awesome people, btw. Love you <3

  17. robert :

    Oh yeah, in case it may help figure out the purpose of the codes – mine was //w

  18. flo :

    Ok, so //w looks like a URL for sure – guess it’s safe to share my code as well then, it’s “eye”…

    Hmmm, – 7gB – ? Please share your codes :)

  19. Jesse :

    got mine! Wicked Awesome!

  20. Imirik :

    Code I got was ye.
    Thats incluing the period, hope we figure this out :>

  21. Man of The Sea :


  22. Man of The Sea :

    hmm now I look at these you’ll see they overlap,

    /xA and xAf
    eye and ye.

    I’d say this is intentional, as it helps us in theory find the correct order, plus provides some redundancy for people not posting codes. Just a thought…

  23. Man of The Sea :

    Dear mr Jeb,
    are you sure the permissions are set correctly on your secret? =]
    I get a 403 forbidden, not a 404 as if I was completely wrong.

    Or is that the prize! a permission denied page, yay I win.

  24. admin :

    Haha, try again ;)


  25. Man of The Sea :

    hahaha “You are getting closer =)”

  26. Mikael Bauer :

    My code is “.ox” but I guess that doesn’t add much value since it seems you already figured out the part :)

  27. Caio :

    Woah! FINALLY got the cards. Totally made my day, they’re so cool! Thanks a lot, guys :)

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