Intel Report: Picture Drop-Off

March 21st, 2014, Cobalt, Intel Report, Trif

A short report is better than no report!

Even mysterious intelligence hackers have to attend school, and as a result, some weeks I won’t be able to feed you with my inner wittiness as much as normally. This is one of those. I ran off with a few screenshots nevertheless!

Prettier city backgrounds!
Prettier city backgrounds!

Destructible power sources are joining the mix—They can even be armored and have shields!

Power outages suck...
Power outages suck…

...unless you're the cause!
…unless you’re the cause!

Finally, a bit of mysterious disco club poster art! Who will be the mystery guest?

This caption is wider than the image!
This caption is too long for this image!

What does the self–proclaimed Duke of Cobalt say about these pictures?


Ah, he’s asleep. He has this weird habit of snoring in hexadecimal…

Will Trif conquer all of his education shenanigans? Come back next Friday for more Cobalt goodies!

9 Responses to “Intel Report: Picture Drop-Off”

  1. Janeator :

    I liek this!

  2. InfiniteDawn :

    So we are going to get an expansion to dancing or something? Neat. Maybe we can get a Kirby-esque dance segment after particular hard levels. By the way people, hexadecimal to text translators do exist…

  3. spazmann :

    can u dance in the current version?

  4. InfiniteDawn :

    Spazmann – basically, although to do it right requires a bit of work with the AI stuff in the map editor. The winner in games do a little foot-tap jig at the end of rounds, and I know that various emotions are possible (the metalfaces take on different facial expressions). I imagine this will become more accessible / widely used.

  5. miniluigi008 :

    I’m going to be loving this if it means more dance music from your wonderful composer-dude. :3

  6. The guy who stole a pirates hat :

    HEX to ascii

    Zzzz… mystery guest… must be duke…???b?F??6R?f???”???

    I dunno what that last bit it but it isn’t HEX I think.

  7. RedMser :

    @The guy who stole a pirates hat

    For me it output “Zzzz… mystery guest… must be duke…? of dance floor…”
    You did it wrong! :c

  8. Trif :

    Sorry, no report today. I’ve been up all night doing exam stuff and just woke up a few hours ago.

    I think the current development status is “online multiplayer is slowly becoming a thing”, but I’m not entirely sure.

  9. Gamer32x :


    I get “Zzzz… mystery guest… must be duke… of dance floor…”

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