Community Map: The Escape

March 29th, 2014, Cobalt, Cobalt Forum, Trif

Remember kids, school is important. Do not neglect it. It will steal your time if you don’t get rid of it. Escape! Burn it down to the ground! Make school wish it never tried to educate you!

Actually, running away from school is probably a bad idea. Think of all the physics bugs we’d have if nobody had taught thewreck the arts of science.

With tests and exams all over the place, I’ve been unable to procure this week’s intel. Boo. Before running away from the fierce assault of rotten tomatoes however, I’m leaving you with a fresh community map that gives you something proper to escape from. Appropriately, it’s called The Escape, a challenge map by FabiotheTurtle! His species is not the fastest to run away from mad scientists, so he’s giving you an unusual escape method: The Predator. Here’s the trailer!

Featuring cutscenes along with some quite unique gameplay, there’s definitely an amazing amount of work put into this. Get this map and many others at the Cobalt Vault!

One more thing

Librus is arting! I love art. Do you love art? He’s currently taking requests—check out his thread on the Cobalt Forum!

4 Responses to “Community Map: The Escape”

  1. Librus :

    Yay, featured again!

  2. FabiotheTurtle :

    Me too!

  3. Trif :

    …me three?

  4. Janeator :

    Me four!

    Unique map, really awesome!

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