Introducing Cobalt W.A.S.D.

June 1st, 2017, Cobalt, News

Long time no blog post! Welcome back, glad to see you are still around.

Since the launch of Cobalt we have been busy working on improving the core game but also looking at what else can be done with what we’ve got. To be honest, Cobalt did not meet our expectations, and we decided to analyze what we could have done differently. There are of course many facets and opinions, but we boiled it down to these three main points:

1. Cobalt had too many options

We noticed that players were confused if Cobalt was a multiplayer or single-player game. Did it have a story? Did it have online play? Was there any co-op? Combat challenges AND speed challenges? What are the classic/alpha/triggers control modes and what do they mean?

Not only that, but each game mode came with a plethora of options and settings. Playing deathmatch? Free for all? Teams? Use map settings or custom character classes? What settings should I use to have the most fun? In addition, challenge maps could be played both in the arena and in the campaign, but with different setups.

For us this was a strength of Cobalt. An never-ending range of customization, but very confusing for new players.

2. PC gamers prefer not to play with controller

Although there are many games on Steam that you play with keyboard or controller, this is not the preferable choice. We love Cobalt’s controls and the gameplay that is designed around it, but many players still requested to be able to aim with the mouse.

3. The price point may not have been optimal

Cobalt took 7 years to build and contains a lot of content. Still, it’s possible that the price point were off-putting for many people. We tried discounts and free weekends, but the interest had already faded.

So what is Cobalt W.A.S.D.?

Cobalt WASD Capsule

It’s a separate stand-alone game in the Cobalt universe. You play with mouse and keyboard. There is only one game mode. The game mode has very clear rules and clear options. It’s multi-player focused (though you can practice with bots, of course). And most importantly, it’s a lot of fun!

When will it be available?

We are currently polishing the last little bits and churning out the last few bugs. Our plan is to release the full game some time in August, 2017, and we will announce a more specific date when we have one. It will only be available on Steam, and will be priced at $6.99. Players who bought the early access of Cobalt will get a Cobalt W.A.S.D. key added to their Mojang accounts for free. There will also be a discounted Cobalt bundle that lets current Cobalt owners to get Cobalt W.A.S.D. at a slightly lower price.

How can you help?

Until release we are running a closed beta test of Cobalt W.A.S.D. You can join this test by requesting a game code in the Cobalt discord, and by that help us find and fix bugs. Beyond that we gladly appreciate any creative sharing such as streams, YouTube, or just chatting about the game. Cheers!

Helpful links:

Cobalt discord –
Cobalt on reddit –
Cobalt on Facebook –
Oxeye Game Studio on twitter –


6 Responses to “Introducing Cobalt W.A.S.D.”

  1. Gruvs :

    I thought that the whole concept of not being able to aim using your mouse was one of the things that made the game stand out the most. It made you put more focus into the strategy behind how you should engage your opponents, and how to time rolling and jumping precisely. (I also absolutely loved how the game rewarded being able to time a roll grenade throw or similar)
    I’m open to new ideas though and I think this more team focused gameplay is an interesting area to explore. I don’t particularly like this new kind of mouse based aiming because it makes it very difficult to be speedy and bouncing around the map like you would in the original, but I imagine being able to pull it off will be very satisfying in this game.

    I look forward to see how this concept develops!

  2. Diamond00744 :


  3. jstewman :

    yay, this should be interesting…

  4. Thatoneguywiththewaytolongname :

    I played cobalt since it was out on mac and i Have a controller but I prefer the arrow keys and zx and asd I think it was unique and awesome and the rolling added a lot to the game the only problem I had is it wasn’t popular so I could barely find online matches. Plus even if you leave that idea behind of what cobalt is what it’s made of still the weapons are kind of wierd because there’s not similar weapons on each side so I mean it’s a little unfair but oh well what can I do? Long story short the mouse isn’t comfortable to me i and miss rolling and no aim just aim assist

  5. Irbis :

    Nice move! I wish you success with this new project. I’m happy that you didn’t give up, because concept of game, and whole mechanics are great! I think you wanted too much and add most ideas to the game. Sad fact – games these days must be simple… Again, wish you full WASD servers of players some day. I’m waiting for it :)

  6. HoodedRobin :

    What is the cobalt discord? I would love to grab a key for the wasd beta if I’m not too late. I’ve been following you guys since the very beginning and love the current game, so I can’t wait to see how this new one turns out!

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