Cobalt is now available!

February 2nd, 2016, Cobalt, News, Steam

We are super happy to announce that Cobalt is now available on Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox 360!

Here’s the Steam store page:

And here’s Cobalt on

14 Responses to “Cobalt is now available!”

  1. Caglar :

    Where is the OsX version of Cobalt?

  2. Pedro :

    Back Dawn Of Daria… please…

  3. Yago :


    How to get the game if you have already purchased the beta?

  4. Yago :

    *if I

  5. Jstewman :

    You log into your Mojang account (, and then claim your steam code. :)

  6. Jstewman :

    oops, remove the ) first, sorry.

  7. Jstewman :

  8. janeator :

    @Caglar sorry but at the moment Cobalt is only out for Steam Windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Hopefully at some point the game will come out for Linux and OSX but the engine the game is currently running on does not support those platforms very well or at all at the moment, so you’ll have to wait or get it on another platform…

  9. Yago :

    Thank you for your response !

  10. Notepad_of_Legends :

    Yay! Thanks Oxeye for all your hard work! I will play this to my hearts content!

  11. fadjsnifdsanh :

    Will this game ever have supported servers? i haven’t found a single other person online :/

  12. janeator :

    It’s not planned, won’t happen anytime soon. Find friends to play with or start hosting a lobby yourself so that others might join!

  13. Jstewman :

    Do you guys still post? Is this thread/blog still used?

  14. janeator :

    Sorry, not really. There’s some stuff going on behind the scenes but the community/news sources have mainly moved to Steam since the release. Be sure to check the minecon panel today on the stream!

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