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December 27th, 2011, Cobalt, Mojang

Hey hey!

Some of you have had problems with your Mojang accounts, but we don’t have access to the account or billing systems so we are unfortunately not able to help you. If you have a problem with your Mojang account, gift codes or billing, please use Mojang’s support system here: http://help.mojang.com, or send them an email here: http://help.mojang.com/customer/portal/emails/new

However, if you have a problem with Cobalt itself, such as installing, starting the game or have another game-related question, feel free to contact us on the Cobalt GetSatisfaction page, or get help from the community at the Cobalt forums!


10 Responses to “Looking for Help?”

  1. Jotimm4 :

    if you just download CobaltInstaller, be sure to write .exe afterwards (CobaltInstaller.exe)

  2. rom :

    i’m from russia. is herobrien real?! i’m play in alpha version.

  3. victor bui :

    hi um… my cobalt is like frozen the players wont move is there a way to reset the data?

  4. josh :

    i payed for cobalt through paypal, i ticked the send me a gift code for a friend. it didnt come through on my email account, the money has come out of my bank account so i dont know what to do.

  5. josh :

    id like to add, because i forgot; that i want to play the game myself, i couldnt tick the buy myself button and thought this might work for me to play.

  6. admin :

    Im not sure what you mean, but i think it is better if you post your problem on http://www.getsatisfaction.com/cobalt with all the details.

  7. ullern :

    yes ho cau say to me how i can play online because when i take my account name and password it doesent work so i need to play offline all the time if i need to be offline im going to delete the game for ever so help me!?!

  8. Trif :

    Are you signing in with your email (Not your Minecraft username)?
    If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here:


  9. Tim :

    I downloaded it but there is no .EXE so i cant open it pls help there is only a install feature :( (((((( (i payed for it)

  10. admin :

    Tim, you need to install the game first, then find the shortcut and start the launcher.

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