Cobalt v101 Alpha change-log

January 3rd, 2012, Cobalt, Updates & Patches

We have updated Cobalt to version v101 Alpha. Since the auto-updater had some bugs in it, you will need to download a new installer this time. Simply install to the same folder as previously.

Head over to to download the new installer.

For a full change-log, click read more.

  • Edit control presets in settings menu.
  • Switching team resets spawn point
  • Bots can now be manually moved around if autoBalanceBots is off.
  • “Bunny-jumping” to the left works as well as right
  • Pressing esc/start while in shop no longer hangs input.
  • Shop is no longer cut off out of camera when having moved around some.
  • Bots no longer get stuck when trying to punch each other in really close combat. Should also fix similar problems with grenades and similar.
  • Fixed offline indicator in corner not being accurate.
  • Blaster splash heat effect goes through shield
  • Shield belt is now slightly visible when activated, and a lot more obvious when it is powering down.
  • Shield belt now works while animating activation.
  • Grenade gun has 14% longer reload time.
  • Blaster Ballet and Secret Hideout should now have better pathing.
  • Added some tutorial rooms and modified some.
  • Stores now restock even when items have been bought up completely.
  • All VS maps now have all 4 teams enabled.
  • Direct hits with Flashbang will now destroy a shield belt charge.
  • Sound and music will mute when window not in focus
  • Red robot (ninja) has a longer attack animation
  • Phaser gun has slightly less bullet time associated with it.
  • Variable throwing power with throwables works now. Tap quickly to throw weak.
  • Shield belt does not have warning sound if it has never been charged.
  • Bullet time is tuned to adapt more fluently to more players, also bullet time secondary range effect is now dependant on the source range, which makes for much more fluent bullet time in general.
  • Added bullet time and auto aim options enable/disable in settings.
  • Increased objective limit caps
  • safes and revive stations no longer destroy input.
  • changing settings with held down button is now a lot faster.
  • Improved rolling behaviour against walls, (hold against wall and roll to fall down smoothly)
  • Cobalt used to loose air control in some odd situations. Hopefully some fixed.
  • Grenades and pickups now explode in lava.
  • Added slight gradient to flashbang B&W effect
  • Fist has slighly shorter charge up time and slightly longer range.
  • A successful maxiumm charged fist hit will now give a bonus to the speed of the next fist charge up.
  • Fixed converting of valuables getting stuck if leaving and returning to converter while ending.
  • Predator jumping Ai improved.
  • Guards no longer sometimes get stuck in a direction holding a throwable ready.
  • Bindable reload action.
  • Gyrojet gun tweaked balance wise, now slightly less forceful and slighly more expensive.
  • Added player health option to survival. Anything except normal will force practice mode.
  • In survival, if a player leaves, no more players can join mid-game. The max number of players having been present in a survival game are displayed below the score if above 1.
  • Slugger Cobra has slightly more recoil and spread over long firing duration
  • upgrade bench crash bug when re-entering upgrade bench while upgrading fixed.
  • Some debug print messages did not render properly
  • Can buy ammo and shower repeatedly by holding.
  • Nano shower effect more clear, also hud disappears when using.
  • Metalface sparks randomly when damaged
  • Fixed jumping straight up on slopes being bugged.
  • Fixed Ai bug where Ai’s would actually run towards dangers instead of from them.
  • Picking up multiple ammo boxes before pickup animation finishes will add the numbers together to show total pickup.
  • Bots could not pickup plug because they were holding throwables charged
  • Rocks have a different damage curve, exponentially less with low speeds..
  • Birds have a slower throw animation, which should trigger an earlier bullet time reaction.
  • Added shield belt upgrades to be purchasable in the upgrade bench.
  • Salvaged items can no longer be reloaded. Was a bug.
  • Gas plants now deflect railgun slugs too. Also, bounced bullets can hit the shooter.
  • Debug keys are now disabled unless you set “enableDebugKeys” to “true” in debug.cfg
  • Increased slugger revolver fire rate a tiny bit, but slowed down reload speed a tiny bit.
  • Slugger bullets now modify damage slightly by speed. In practice, this means pipe, and upgraded revolver will do slighly more damage, while breacher will do slightly less.
  • Slugger Breacher has increased rate of fire.
  • Added strong recoil to railgun, but also 33% longer reload and less bullet time effect.
  • Modified Survival House difficulty curve.
  • In Survival House, Ninjas no longer use the shield belt, have less guns in general, but now instead have the force device, which is an area of effect attack but also pushes grenades and projectiles away.
  • Capital letters in profile name editing if you tap up
  • Esc/start now pauses the game for everyone.
  • Windy Valley now has infinite ammo as it is supposed to be.
  • Fixed some input freeze bugs when going in and out of menues.
  • Maybee fixed sound looping in menues error,, please report if it happens.
  • The most a map can zoom out is now a Camera Mode configurable number.
  • Added option in settings for following bots with the camera.
  • Added deathmatch map Tomb.
  • Fixed a bug with the auto-updater that make it impossible to download big files.
  • Launcher isn’t frozen while it tries to log in
  • Launcher now tries to set a valid screen resolution if 1280×800 isn’t supported
  • Play offline, if valid, is available without logging in
  • Fixed the change log being double (repeated twice)

64 Responses to “Cobalt v101 Alpha change-log”

  1. Xamiostone :

    This will mildly change gameplay in a good way, I love this update.

  2. ozzAR0th :


  3. Isaac :

    thats great guys thanks must be the best indie game i have ever played!!!!

  4. Xpws :

    I can´t update my cobalt

  5. Will :

    wooohooo! Nice work guys!

  6. Straw :

    Great Work guys, loving cobalt!

  7. jenny :

    what do you do with the new installer

  8. Bseagull :

    Jeez thanks for fixing the debug menu thing. I let my brother play for five minutes and thats what he finds!


  9. Rolling! :

    Woho! Lots of great changes :D

  10. Justin :

    GREAT! Keep up the amazing work! LOTS of cool and helpful additions and fixes.

  11. Michael :

    I fuck*ng love Cobaaalt!

  12. Justin :

    Norton 360 doesn’t like the game OR the installer. I know there aren’t any viruses. It’s just annoying.

  13. pwajnkaim :

    how do I change controls on the new build? The old system(controls file) doesn’t seem to work

  14. Sam :

    To fix the installer you need to update it. It won’t install big files unless you actually reinstall the installer.

  15. IcicleChicken :

    I never thought cobalt would be so good. I can’t wait for multiplayer and campaign! Keep up teh awesome work!

  16. Luke :

    Awesome, guys. Love the new maps and tweaks. The only issue I’ve had is that my Norton thinks its a virus…

  17. trieyedwolf :

    thx for the update!

  18. Alex :

    Beta beta beta! love the tweaks and features, but us *nix people would love to play cobalt natively!

  19. ZildjianKX :

    Can you add the option to remember you password for the login screen like Minecraft has? I have a very secure password that I don’t know by memory and it’s super annoying to have to look it up every time I login… thanks!

  20. SgtStripes :

    I can’t update D:

  21. pava1997 :

    @pwajnkaim : setting in menu :)

  22. Red_M :

    i have a bug….
    if i press a button on my controller when the game starts up at the main menu cobalt crashes and produces this error…. ( )

    but it only crashes if i press a button on the controller at start up of cobalt or to skip into the main menu. if i don’t press a button at all during start up it does not crash but i can have the controller connected to my computer… i have to use the keyboard to navigate the main menu….


  23. bluefusion1 :

    AWESOME, thanks guys. This game has blown away many boring hours. Can’t wait for mac version

  24. DueceX :

    This is great guys brilliant job on the patch.
    Just one problem some reason i get to 45% in the update and it says error while downloading update? why is this

  25. demonizer :

    Woo this is a massive update and it came quite fast as well i hope all updates are like this

  26. Caleb :

    love the update, I hope the next one comes as quickly!! :D

  27. rathlord :

    Update for Mac OS’s please =\ I want so much to play this game.

  28. Cobalt – v101 Alpha changelog | Cobalt Wiki :

    [...] – Source [...]

  29. tijnbosters :

    My Cobalt was updating then on 68% it stopped an then an error occured

  30. [M] :

    About multiplayer online? news?

  31. DevilAngelZ :

    Can’t wait for BETA!!!

  32. DevilAngelZ :

    Can’t wait for BETA!!!!!!

  33. DevilAngelZ :

    Can’t wait for BETA!!!!!!
    It will be Great

  34. admin :

    Red_M: has been fixed for v102

  35. Johno :

    great update :) love the doors on survival! :)
    any news on an online multiplyer? many people want this :)

  36. lostGash :

    Quite an extensive changelog. Keep up the wonderful work guys! Cant wait to see what’s next.

  37. lupodw :

    can you give us an estimate when the mac version will be available – also will it be on the appstore?

  38. avarisclari :

    Just gotta say, other than an os update from a fresh install to several months/years later, that is the longest update list I have ever seen.

  39. TomZasd :

    This looks like that is has loads of potential. Went ahead and bought it already, loving it.

  40. gfjdo :

    it says ‘a Lua script error has occurred. press ctrl+R to reset the screen parser’, but when i press ctrl+r, nothing happens

  41. admin :

    gfjdo: please post the screenshot and what you did on

  42. lostGash :

    I got the same error as gfjdo. It happens when you try to change profiles.

  43. gfjdo :

    i keep getting it when i’m trying to log in or play offline.

  44. andro :

    WHEN COMES OUT FULL GAME????????????

  45. Healy_um :

    Love the update guys, but are you going to do a online multiplayer update?? I’m sure it’s not just me that would really like to see that.

  46. CEA2 :

    When will the level editor come out????

  47. CEA2 :

    When will the level editor come out???

  48. LEGOdude5715 :

    Will there be an update to turn down graphics settings? For example, down to Medium or Low?

  49. Arctiq :

    @CEA2 The level editor is already in there :P just hit F1 ^^

  50. Christian :

    Nice job on Cobalt can’t wait to see what you have next

  51. EagleGun :

    Umm i get error of a daisymoon file or something i buyed the game yesterday and when i click Cobalt it just gives an arror screen :’(

  52. RayereSs :

    There is development mode level editor on F2 press

  53. admin :

    Ando: Don’t know! What you see is where we are at. We are working on it in real time!
    Healy_um: Thanks! As we said, online is not guaranteed and will perhaps never exists. JWJ is working on a proof of concept, hopefully it will succeed sometime in the future!
    CEA2: Don’t know when we will start enable the editor officially, there is much more work that needs to be done before it is friendly.
    LEGO: Don’t count on it, but I will try and add more options to tune performance, aside from actual optimizations of course.
    Christian: Thanks! There will still be a lot more Cobolt before we do anything else.
    EagleGun: Try installing it in a new folder, if it doesn’t work please post the exact error preferably with a screenshot on
    HELP!!!: I don’t understand what you mean. Did you pre-order through mojangs accout page, and transfer money? As with EagleGun, please post your exact problem on and explain what you did.

  54. admin :

    To anyone that is experiencing a daisyMoon error after the last update, please reinstall the game again, preferably in a new folder to make sure.

  55. Eli :

    Im not sure if this is a glitch or not. When I was playing the survival house I tossed a bomb that one of the birds dropped and after it blew up the animation which was created by the bomb got stuck on the gun and didn’t go away. I got the bombs shortly after my score of 4000.

  56. m9p909 :

    when will the next update come out

  57. Splitframe :

    Please consider adding a LAN Mode. Since none of my freinds wants to play that game with me :(

  58. CEA2 :

    When will you be able to edit levels

  59. skyki15 :

    I love Cobalt and I can’t wait for Online Multiplayer :D

  60. Loren :

    when do you guys think beta will be out? i know it sounds impatiant to be asking right now, but i pre-ordered and cant wait to play it on my mac!!!! im SOOOOOOOOO exited!!!

  61. Loren :

    i mean excited :D

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  63. Alex :

    My game isn’t updating. it is getting to 100% on the initial countdown, but then it stops before it finishes the update.


  64. admin :

    You will need to download the new installer for v101 since the autoupdater was broken.

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