More Stuff!

March 2nd, 2010, Gifts, IRL Adventures

Thanks, Apoc! :D

Oh btw… We’ll soon announce the next round of secret gifts. Since the wiki went down we have had to change our plans slightly, but we have something new cooking! :)


8 Responses to “More Stuff!”

  1. Kinten :

    Awww.. Those are great presents!

  2. Dock :

    Wow, that’s great! :D I hope some day in the distant future I get fan packages like that. It’s especially nice to receive something from another country too! Oxeye are very lucky! :)

  3. James :

    FYI – “butter fingers” is what you call someone who drops things

  4. admin :

    What kind of things? :)

  5. James :

    Anything, including expensive glassware on concrete, or laptops down stairwells

  6. Luke :

    haha hilarious :)

  7. aquarits :

    heheh =]
    loved with te phantasy stay sound track

  8. Stefan :

    Awesome I’m jealous now :)

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