@Oxbot Tweets Our SVN Commits

March 5th, 2010, Cobalt, Game Development, Twitter

Hey! We’ve made a fun little tool that tweets our subversion commit comments on Twitter. You can see the comments by checking http://twitter.com/oxbot :)


Subversion, or SVN for short, is a version-control system that keeps track of our project files when we work on Project B and other games. Think of it as a wiki for files that we add and update files on. Each time a file is modified, SVN keeps track of who made the changes, and makes backups so that changes can be reverted if necessary.

Each commit is also tagged with a small comment describing why the commit was made. It’s this comment that our bot picks up and puts on twitter.


Because we can! Also, because this will let you keep track of Project B. We want to be more open about the project, and this is a step in that direction. Actual game information, such as screenshots and a game name, will come later.

/ jeb

One Response to “@Oxbot Tweets Our SVN Commits”

  1. Mikael Bauer :

    This is awesome! I love when developers do this, bringing down the barricades between the developers and the fans. Adding commit updates to Twitter is something I’ve never seen before and it’s pure genius. :)

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