Preview: v125 screenshots

April 9th, 2015, Cobalt, Previews


We are working on v125! Things that we have done to far include:

  • Adventure mode
  • Reworked gamemodes
  • Polished and reworked maps
  • Lots of new community maps included in the game
  • Improved flow
  • More options in game modes
  • Optimizations
  • How to play section
  • Improved controls view

We are currently focusing mainly on game stability and optimizations.

Here are a bunch of progress shots:


Improved player setup flow


Improved level selector


Improved and updated maps and modes







Improved controls view

Improved controls view

36 Responses to “Preview: v125 screenshots”

  1. Sakke :

    Sweet! Soon, it’s adventure time!

  2. TheMikirog :

    Can’t wait for the Adventure Mode!

  3. Tron :

    Cooooool !!
    What about the new rolling system ?
    Just to know, I don’t really care cuz this update looks awesome, especially the adventure mode

  4. GalGR :

    Any date for the update?

  5. Random409 :

    It’s happening! I believe that the update will very soon be upon us. I always knew my investment in Cobalt would pay back in double when the time comes. Can’t wait for all these fancy things to come. Any hints on the release date of the patch? I am too anxious :)

  6. Yago :

    Cool !

  7. Mr. Toasty :

    Woohoo!!! Keep up the good work guys!

  8. jstewman :

    Can’t wait!

  9. janeator :

    The new rolling system will be in the update as well, of course :)
    Shield priority has also been reworked (or reverted? Works cool now).

  10. spazmann :

    Cannot waiiiiit!!!

  11. Kingminiman :

    Does this mean that there is now a maximum of 4 players? Because having like 7 players at once was one of the coolest things about this game in my opinion.

  12. saviosiqueira :

    ooooooh boy, its getting harder to wait! Its looking amazing!

  13. boyikr :

    Could we PLEASE get a rough date (not like “before Minecon” I’m talk “about ??/??/15″) But I do have to say you guys have really outdone yourself! I sincerely can not wait!

  14. [MT] :


    Emote says it all.

  15. spazmann :

    Devs! Gib us a video preview! plz :P

  16. camzx22 :

    YAY !!

  17. janeator :

    No, the screenshot shows 4 players at once, but that doesn’t mean that this is the limit now! (as far as I know, I can’t test with more than 2 players!)

  18. The guy who stole a pirates hat :

    Sweet, but what more is there to come?

  19. janeator :

    As far as I know, nothing more! (Aside from all the bits that haven’t been spoiled in blogposts)
    But who knows, I do know the devs like to add features out of the blue :D

  20. Notepad of Legend :

    #SoKeen for this update.

  21. jojopuppe :

    are now 8 xbox controllers simultaneously working? (two wifi adpaters in place here) the game so far recognises only 4 but windows and other local games (knight squad, bombsquad, ballon tournament) working with all 8.

    would be a blast!!!

  22. xNerb :

    The question will always be… “When will this awesome update be done?”

  23. janeator :

    jojopuppe: As far as I know it should still detect all of them, but I’m not into control config stuff.

  24. [MT] :

    So I’d like to ask if there is ever going to be like, hats? You know in other games there is a feature where you can personalize your player more by adding a hat or something. I know you can already change the colors of your metal face but hats (not just hats, like……decals in short) would be awesome for this game.

  25. jojopuppe :


    sadly no. only 4 of them are recognised by the game. i ask this question 10 months ago and tryed it today again. but its still this way. i can’t play cobalt at my monthy gaming nights because we are only playing 6-8 player-local-games.

    hopefully they fixed it.

  26. janeator :

    Did you see the reply you got there? According to Fabio, it’s the controllers’ fault, not the games. I’ll pass this on to the devs anyway.

  27. JoJoPuppe :

    why is it a controllers fault when all and i mean “all” other 8-player-games are working perfectly with this setup. this is such a good party game. would be a pitty if this cant be fixed. (sidenote: when i connect 4 xbox controllers + any number of other controllers, this works. but i dont want to switch between so many controllers on a gaming night) thanks for ur reply. i try this workaround mentioned in the link. hopefully its not that hard to setup…last time i gave up :D :)

  28. janeator :

    I don’t know, I’m just quoting what Fabio said over GS :)

  29. admin :

    Did some research and now all xbox controllers > 4 will be added as direct input controllers instead. This will mean those controllers will probably not have force feedback and the analog triggers will not be pollable at the same time or work strangely…. but it works!


    (I’m using 4 connected xbox 360 wired controllers here, and 1 wireless xbox 360 controller connected with usb-dongle reciever)

  30. JoJoPuppe :

    YES!!! GREAT!!! CANT WAIT!!! THX for digging into this!!! this will be the new highlight at the next gaming nights!!! sadly the next it already in 2 days :D

  31. admin :

    JoJoPuppe, come on into the #cobalt channel on espernet

  32. miniluigi008 :

    Looking awesome! Keep up the great work. :)

  33. retlaw34/samus2003 :

    So, is the split-screen feature going to be removed this update?

  34. janeator :

    I doubt so. While adventure and waves survival (I think) will no longer use splitscreen (so the gameplay is more fluid and less broken, I’d say), if you make a map you can still make it play in splitscreen for multiple player, the feature itself hasn’t been removed afaik.

  35. enlard :

    When the game was released….

  36. janeator :

    @enlard: ?

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