Xbox controllers in v125

May 5th, 2015, Cobalt, Game Development, Previews


This is a quick update to the state of “more than four xbox controllers in cobalt”.

Due to the comments on the last post, I realized the fix was rather trivial.

In v125 all xbox controllers after the forth will instead be added as direct input devices. This means they will be slightly less featured, lacking force feedback and worse analog trigger support. But it will work:


I tried this with 4 wired xbox 360 controllers, and 1 wireless xbox 360 controllers using a usb-dongle receiver.


19 Responses to “Xbox controllers in v125”

  1. GalGR :

    How is the update coming along? Is it released soon?

  2. The guy who stole a pirates hat :

    I have exams in a fu**ing week. (Lasts for 2 weeks.)
    So please say you’re releasing it in 3 weeks or so.

  3. [MT] :

    This update is so going to be worth the wait.

  4. jstewman :

    You should make more suits for cobalt.

  5. Notepad of Legends :

    Still #SoKeen for this update. Hopefully it will be soon! :D

  6. janeator :

    @jstewman: In my opinion the current suits are different and pretty unique already, but if you have cool suggestions, I want to see them on !
    Always good to have more ideas :D

  7. Hakon :

    When are the update comming

  8. xXchrispXx :

    Im waiting for a new update for over a year .I really loved the game since the beginning and I really can not wait anymore :d

  9. OurDarkestFears :

    Will the PC version be getting multiplayer in v125? Or is that planned for a later update?

  10. janeator :

    Not in v125

  11. OurDarkestFears :

    Okay, thanks for clearing that up! :) @janeator

  12. fadjsnifdsanh :

    this game is still being worked on?
    what took so long?
    im excited to see that theres still progress being made but what happened man its been like 3 years

  13. The-Knife :

    Very excited about all the new content :)
    Keep on the nice work Oxeye!

  14. janeator :

    It’s been roughly one year since the last update, I belive.
    What happened is that the game is only being worked by 2 devs, which are also helping on making the up-to-date console port.

  15. jstewman :

    my brother keeps asking when is story mode coming out?

  16. jstewman :

    just wondering

  17. The-Knife :


    I think Story Mode it’s going to be in the next update.
    Don’t worry, by this time I don’t think there’s much time to wait.

  18. OurDarkestFears :

    Yea, I think the Adventure Mode that is supposed to be coming this update or so is going to be the Story Mode. Hang in there, it might be coming in a few days for all we know!

  19. janeator :

    Story mode (as it is called on the menu) is definitely coming in this next update!

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