So I’m back…from outer space

January 16th, 2012, Uncategorized

Or Vietnam really, but it felt like another world. For those of you who don’t know I’ve studied medicine continuously since 2005 except for 2007 which I spent working full time with Oxeye, but since Friday last week (after a two weeks course in Vietnam) I’m done and can finally start focusing on Oxeye and Cobalt 100%.

Today me, thewreck and Fredrik “@Frall_”  Henriksson (who will be helping out developing the game) had a planning meeting for the development of the main campaign and I can tell you things are looking good! Next week we’ll bring along Jacob “@jjervey“ Jervey and Frall to a cottage in the middle of Sweden for a week of intensive development, so stay tuned for updates!

Love to be back in the saddle and I can’t wait to start processing all the feedback and molding it into what will probably be mine and Oxeyes biggest endeavour so far.


7 Responses to “So I’m back…from outer space”

  1. Marqus34 :

    Can’t wait until campaign release!

  2. David :

    Hi! Can’t wait for next update. I tried the Hack Device in Editor and a Luna scrip erorr occurred. Is it possible to use Hack Device yet?

  3. Talonz :

    Hey Kinten! Good to see you back. :)

  4. kinten :

    Talonz! Long time no talkie talkie! :)

  5. jellocube :

    I just walked in to see you here with that sad look upon your face…

  6. Lladar :

    I’m SOOO excited to hear you guys are working on the campaign! Will you be releasing it as a whole or bits at a time for testing?

  7. trxs :

    how exciting !campaign release ,yeah!

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