Ten Years!

April 28th, 2012, History, Whispers in Akarra

Today it is 10 years since the first pre-alpha of “Whispers in Akarra” was released. Back then I was building the game on my own, but the project was shortly discovered by Kinten and thewreck, and the three of us are now the core of Oxeye Game Studio. I think I always will look back at this game with fondness. It may not have been the best game in the world, but we peaked at over 100 players online, and it’s nice to say that you’ve made an “online RPG.” Maybe we’ll get the chance to revisit that area some time!

Hit the jump for some pictures!

This is what Akarra looked like back then (screenshot from pre-release 3, May 2002):

This is what Akarra looked like at the end of 2003:

Here’s a pic of thewreck and Kinten  from the summer of 2006:


… and a picture of me and thewreck:


You can read more about Whispers in Akarra in its blog category!

/ jeb_

PS: There are still some active shards where you can play Akarra! Check out www.akarra.com.  /Kinten

8 Responses to “Ten Years!”

  1. Zyper :

    Making games is a awesome adventure :)

  2. Tehn :

    Those were some good times, happy anniversary Khaile

  3. Kukiol :


    young.jeb (!beard) == young++; !!!

  4. Lunamatic :

    Congratulations on ten years of making games! Very impressive indeed :)

  5. Ned_Lud :

    Y’all have likely never heard of me, but I remember playing Whispers in Akarra for quite some time, back in 2002-2003, hopping over to a shard or two over the years. Caught the tail end of the original right before it went down. Ten years later I hear of Minecraft and get sucked into it as well. I see the name Jens Bergensten and think, “Why does this name seem so familiar.” Then I put “Khaile” in the middle and it all makes sense. I don’t even consider myself a huge gamer, but it’s just amazing to see such a transition over ten years which have flown by.

    Whispers in Akarra was such a great game, I just loved the style and the simplicity of it. I would love to see it revisited someday, but either way, you guys have done some great work over the years. Might have to check out one of those active shards and go kill Kal Zatra sometime.

    Happy belated anniversary, Oxeye! Hard work pays off and I look forward to more great things to come.

  6. thorr :

    GUYS! whats the deal…? goraths hosting a shard, but is that the only active one? I have only seen one other person online since i rejoined. There must be a different shard iI dont know of thats a little more active?!?! please let me know of anything.

  7. thorr :


  8. Poof :

    Wow… Those are some of my fondest memories as a teenager. Truly a great game with potential seeping out of every corner it could. Jeb: Don’t stop what you’re doing. Keep up the fantastic work.

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