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January 20th, 2013, Cobalt, Game Development, Support


Since v116 and v117 we have gotten report about the game crashing for some people!

The most common ones seem to be:

  • It crashes right away on startup: This is likely because of opengl being using and your system not working well with it for some reason. This can be solved for now by Right-Clicking the Cobalt shortcut, click properties, and in the “target” field that should contain something like “C:\Program Files\Oxeye Games\Cobalt\Cobalt.exe”, add -directx to the end, so that it now looks like “C:\Program Files\Oxeye Games\Cobalt\Cobalt.exe -directx”.
  • Crashing at some random point during a challenge:  In v117 we fixed a couple of these issues, and some who had problems with this no longer does. But it seems that for some all problems were not solved. We do not know why it is happening, and we would like to ask the people that are having these problems to clarify their crash report with some more information!

The reason why many of these crashes slip through is because they simply don’t happen on any of our systems. This is the reason why it is extra important that we understand exactly when and why it crashes for you.

To help us help you, these are the things that would really help us when trying to figure out what is wrong:

The type of crash

  • Did the game freeze with continuous looping sounds?
  • Did it crash hard with a windows crash report dialog box?
  • Did it crash with a message in the game window, and a lua-stack trace?
  • All details will help!

When does it happen?

What were you doing when it happened? There is a big difference between if the launcher appears as a black window and then crashes, or if it just never appears at all! These little things help a lot. If you were doing something in the game, please tell us exactly in what games modes, maps, situations, if you were using a gamepad or anything that could help us narrow the cause down. It is extra interesting if the game crashes in more than 1 situation, for example, if it crashes both at the end of a DM match, at the end of a Challenge and at the intro screen after the alpha text at the start of the game. These kinds of correlations are very helpful!

Crash information

All the information that is generated in any shape or form associated to the crash can help. If it was a lua crash, the game will save screenshots of the stack trace in the “my documents/cobalt” folder. Please upload those with your crash report! If the game crashes hard, windows can generate a crash report. Please upload that together with the report!

Reproduce it

The absolute best way to solve crash problems, is to find a step by step way to make it happen again. If you can supply us with the steps we need to take to make it crash, narrowing down the problem becomes easier!

Whether  you can reproduce it or not, other information can still help. Things like, does the crash occur both in “direct-x” and “opengl” mode? Does the crash occur if you enable or disable shaders? Does the crash occur on another computer? If you can identify a case where it crashes in one but not in the other, it is again easier to narrow down the cause!

If you dont know where to upload crash screenshots, we suggest using http://imgur.com

29 Responses to “About reporting problems”

  1. APirateHat :

    I’m getting a hard crash with a windows crash report on all of these. Using keyboard. Disabled shaders and light. Can’t start game with opengl, need -directx in target field.

    -Matter of Fact-Matter: It always crashing in the second room when the missiles are coming and hitting when the missile from the closest actor goes off-screen.

    Also had a a crash with the grenade launcher turrets in the first room, though only one time.

    -First three Chill Thrills maps work fine, getting to the fourth(Avalanche) however it’s crashing when I get the enemy actor with the grenade launcher.

    -First three maps in Hot Trails also works, but on Trail Blazer I’m always crashing at the part with the burners on the top route, might be also be because of the actor throwing a grenade.

    Getting crashes which seems random too. Close to the door on the bottom route, close to and walking on the platform generators.

    -First Sandy Eyes map working good, on Sandy Robbery I get crashes that also seems random, but appear it happens when I get explosives thrown at me. Crashed when I just started, walk out the door and getting a missile shot at me. Missile does not hit me. This was the crash that happened more times.

    Just reported on the challenge maps, crashes happens on all type of maps.

  2. FabiotheTurtle :

    Morning, all!

    Playing around with the game a little, and of course, found a few bugs.

    When switching Tabs in full screen mode, Cobalt crashes. Playing in Windowed fixes this, but just letting you know.

    I see a lot of people here getting crashes regarding enemy interaction and the Challenge matches – I’m not sure if it’s due to them using OpenGL or not, given I’ve had no troubles thus far and the Launcher decided not to use OpenGL. Haven’t tried it yet, but will do soon.

    I’m sure it’s been mentioned already, but if not, the level editor is a mite broken. Keyboard shortcuts don’t seem to work, and panning only works sometimes in certain directions. Also, pressing F2 whilst in the main screen brings you to the “old editor.” You guys will know what I mean.

    When playing a Multiplayer survival map and the locale is split to accommodate both players, sometimes both but at least one player’s entire screen overlay is gone. This includes the HUD, lighting effects, shop windows and enemy emotions. If one player was to die and respawn whilst still in window split (due to the camera observing respawns) the problem is fixed.

    That’s about it. I haven’t extensively gone through due to me being at a mate’s place for a holiday, but will report anything I find.

    Cheers guys, thanks for the update. It’s nice to see what I can expect in Adventure. Keep up the good work!

  3. FabiotheTurtle :

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention that, at least in Deathmatches, restarting the match by the player menu causes a crash. It’s happened in Survival a few times I think, but it’s mainly the Deathmatches.

    Just re-read up above there, and I always use a gamepad if that helps. Our setup here is one player on keyboard, usually two on gamepad.

    Once again, thanks for all the hard work and keep it up.

  4. Crash159 :

    My game crashes when I execute it, the window of the game did’t appaears and a Microsoft crash window is showed.
    I tryed to change the target of the shortcut, but an error menssage says the destination isn’t avaliabe ( is in Portuguese in my PC, so I don’t know how to translate, and that’s why my english is so bad).
    I re-istalled the game 3 times and is always the same thing.

  5. Grazloth :

    in multiplayer game ( on same PC):
    only 1 player can see shops, how many he has volts, etc…
    tested with 2 players

  6. Daniel :

    my game crash on every level. even a regular deathmatch
    i dont get a crash report. its just crashing and exiting
    nothing to click or do :’(

  7. admin :

    Crash159: Try moving the -directx thing outside the “” if you have those in your path.

    so that is looks like this:

    “C:\PATHTOGAME\cobalt.exe” -directx

  8. admin :

    Daniel: Hello! Did you read this post?

    Have you tried adding -directx to the target?

    Can you supply some more information about exactly when the crashes occur? Just as you win a match? just as you start a match?

    We need more information.

  9. FatLlamaFeet :

    Regardless of whether I have -directx or not, whether i am using keyboard controls or not, Cobalt always crashes after completing a Challenge map (moments after the text “Challenge Completed” appears). When this happens the screen goes black for about a second, then a completely white rectangle shows up in the top left of my screen, taking up a good portion of it (the screen resolution changed back, by the way), and i get the message “Cobalt.exe has stopped working” and am given the option to close it. I have Windows 7 64-bit. Also, I have played on another computer and everything worked perfectly fine.

  10. OberoFortune :

    Hey, I was just running through the tutorial again and the game crashed on me in the room where you encounter the two unarmed bots with shields (I forget what the tutorial is called). I was hanging from the wall and I dropped a grenade on them and as it exploded the game crashed.

    The event details are as follows:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: Cobalt.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 50f9386a
    Fault Module Name: OpenAL32.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 50d20969
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 000265f6
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 4105
    Additional Information 1: 0a9e
    Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Additional Information 3: 0a9e
    Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    I repeated the procedure and I was able to make it further (to the room with the spawn room). I was shooting down at the bots and the game crashed again with a similar result.

    I am running the game with the -directx option.

    Is it possible that there is something with the OpenAL that’s not being handled correctly?

    I hope this helps.

  11. VanillaC0coa :

    My game crashes after doing anything for too long, completing a challenge or a survival map… this could be a problem with Windows 7 64x…

  12. Daniel :

    my target is C:\games\Cobalt\Cobalt.exe -directx
    is that correct ?
    and the crashes always happen on different times not on every end of match
    or challenge

  13. Joseph :

    My game crashes whenever I alt tab out and back (no matter what I do when alt tabbed). When the focus goes back to cobalt, I get a white screen and a hard crash to windows with an option of debugging or closing the program. This has only been happening since the new update. I am running and AMD a8-vision machine with a ATI Radeon HD 6770m

  14. Elijah :

    Hi, I’m running on an ASUS, and I cant open the game, whenever I do, it gives me d3dx9_43.dllm is not installed. please re-install and try again. I’ve renstalled, but it still doesnt work… Help?

  15. pokerguy365 :

    I have found a bug with the beam gun. While I was playing survival on the map Safest Gate I bought a beam gun after killing a few baddies with a Slugger Cobra. The Beam Gun had upgrades on it including the charge cell, the magazine, and the power crystal. I then cross that room with flames and I press the button to make those rocks fall on the turret. After that I proceed to the room with the security camera and flame.

    I roll into the room gun beaming and then I crash with a fullscreen of 1280 x720 (16:9). Link_http://i.imgur.com/yMA9FKS.jpg_the crash is just a dead stop.

    I’ve Reacreated the happening and got this. Link_http://i.imgur.com/pZXj566.jpg_this time with sound looping but I was windowed. I was not using force openGL or direct x in either crashes. I also run Windows 7 64X. Hope this information helps with resolving the issue.

  16. Ballen311 :

    Hello, My game has been crashing once I hit the log in info, my screen flickers black approximately 4 times, and then a Windows crash box pops up after it says “Cobalt.exe has stopped working”

    The error report in my documents folder was this:
    DirectX9 Renderer
    Intel(R) HD Graphics Family igdumdx32.dll
    Was not able to create Direct3D9 device.
    Assertion failed! Lua stack Trace >
    Creating a .dmp file… Success

    I have already added -directx onto the target.

  17. Christian3399 :

    I can’t even get into the game! I try to open it and it says “Looks like something went wrong!” and then when I move my mouse it closes completely… It takes about 2 seconds for it to crash but it can’t even get to the main screen… The log says, “DirectX9 Renderer
    Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family igxprd32.dll
    Was not able to create Direct3D9 device.
    Assertion failed: No description
    Condition: pID3DDevice was false
    Line: video\DirectX9\CVideoDirectX9.cpp:154
    Creating a .dmp file… Success”
    I have tried everything that I know and also the -directx fix… Still nothing. Any help will be appreciated! Thx, Christian3399

  18. Liam :

    I have also been getting frequent crashes when restarting a deathmatch using the player menu. It doesn’t happen all the time, but pretty frequently. The crash doesn’t seem to have any sort of pattern, it just occurs randomly.

  19. angate :

    I once and and a while get an error screen that says: Lua: A Lua script error has occurred!
    Lua: Press #4CTRL+R#7 to reset the script parser
    Lua: A screenshot of this error has been saved
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/aiConcepts.lua"]:0: attempt to index a nil value
    Lua: stack traceback:
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/aiConcepts.lua"]: in function ‘method’
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/ai.lua"]: in function ‘doUpdate’
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/ai.lua"]: in function ‘combatUpdates’
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/ai.lua"]: in function ‘genericUpdate’
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/ai.lua"]: in function ‘update’
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/actors.lua"]: in function ‘update’
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/map.lua"]: in function ‘updateActors’
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/map.lua"]: in function ‘update’
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/game.lua"]: in function ‘updateGametime’
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/game.lua"]: in function ‘update’
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/lib/stateManager.lua"]: in function ‘update’
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/mainApp.lua"]: in function ‘update’
    Lua: [string "$GAME_RESOURCES$daisyMoon/main.lua"]: in function ‘v’
    Lua: [string "print = daisy.print;..."]:32: in function
    lockedrect.Pitch: 5120, pitch: 5120

  20. Guife162 :

    my cobalt when i try to play do not playng the music all time when i go play this happen

  21. admin :

    Angate: Fixed!

  22. NeonBlue :

    When I start the game I get the usual Cobalt Alpha warning thing, then the Oxeye Game Studio picture comes up and then there’s a black screen. It happens every time I start the game (After the log in)

  23. gerrygranz :

    if i start the game i says:
    It look´s like something went rong!
    A crash .dmp and a Log were generated in My Dokuments/Cobalt.
    Hint: tell us at errors@oxeygames.com
    but if i do the “-directx” thing, i say this directory doesent exist and i cant click on ok :( please help me

  24. Ethan :

    Hi, I get the same error- I cant open the game, whenever I do, it gives me d3dx9_43.dllm is not installed. please re-install and try again. I’ve renstalled, but it still doesnt work… Help?

  25. Janeator :

    Hello Ethan,

    From now on, be sure to check for solutions and report errors and bugs and suggestions and whatnot over at https://getsatisfaction.com/cobalt

    For your problem, you need to update/install DirectX:

  26. ryan :

    my game doesent crash, but ic ouldent find a seperate form, i use xbox controllers to play cobalt and it used to work fine but recently eeach controller has started controlling 2 profiles you access one by pushing start(origional) and the other by pushing back(bug) it si impossibleto play because the game takes the bugged profile prefrencly

  27. janeator :

    Hello ryan!

    I’m not too sure about the problem you’re having since I don’t usually play with controllers, but aside making sure you’re using the latest update (v124i), would you mind taking a look at https://getsatisfaction.com/cobalt ? Maybe someone already reported the same and there’s a known fix, or maybe no one has reported whatever problem you’re having and you got the chance to, which would help a lot!

    Thanks :)

  28. OMG gamer :

    i keep getting a crash when i try to type in my email i type in the “monkey a” and the game just crashes on me! plz fix

  29. janeator :

    Monkey a? You mean @? That’s weird. Download the latest installer from playcobalt.com, that never happened to anyone afaik.

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