Cobalt v118 Alpha change-log

January 25th, 2013, Cobalt, Updates & Patches

Hi again!

In this version we have set Direct X as the default renderer again, fixed a bunch of bugs as well as included new tools for finding out why crashes occur. If your game still crashes in this version, we will have a much better ability to locate your specific problem if you locate in your My Documents/Cobalt folder the two files called “log.txt” and “send-me-to-oxeye.dmp”, and send them to

Other than that, we have made general bug fixes and improvements, among them hud and sounds for splitscreen. Hit the jump for the full change-log!

Change Log


  • Desert Wind actually updated now…
  • Game now uses Dirext X by default again. You can use Open GL by checking the Force Open GL checkbox in game options in the launcher.
  • Added price changes to upgrade levels.
  • Re-added dm_rooftops with increased performance and visual clarity adjustments
  • More accurate explosion damage in respect to penetrating multiple small enemies.
  • Added more tiles!


  • Delivering the plug by touch now works properly
  • fixed Safest Gate crash
  • Fixed laser alarms incorrectly showing a disabled lightning icon
  • Fixed phaser and jet shoe bullets being able to bounce on bouncepads.
  • Fixed flickering mouse
  • Fixed lua crash when pressing keys outside fields in launcher
  • Fixed split screen hud and light error
  • Fixed split screen sound missing
  • Opening doors sneaking is now more accurate and takes duck-walking into consideration too
  • Turned automatic controller timeout into a config option so that when you play many people in challenge, the controllers don’t get disabled while waiting.
  • Multi-kill combo texts now spawn just 1 text for the whole multi kill
  • Shield belt battery should now properly be listed
  • Corrected some deflect speed impulses
  • Improved logic for certain pickup weapon decisions

30 Responses to “Cobalt v118 Alpha change-log”

  1. Random409 :

    Amazing! A new patch so soon.

  2. Grazloth :

    thx :)

  3. Grazloth :

    thx much :)

  4. A UPDATE! :

    YAY! Thanks!

  5. Haemogoblin :

    Awesome, now if only it didn’t take an hour and a half to download

  6. Daniel :

    thanks for an update.
    now i crash on the launcher before the game ever starts :(
    it only got worst ill send the crash log

  7. FatLlamaFeet :

    Well, it still crashes when i complete challenge mode challenges, except this time it just automatically closes the program when I complete the challenge, nothing more (again, the screen resolution returns to normal). Also, and this is just a minor thing, the snowballs that are supposed to come down in the Avalanche map were just staying in place at their spawn. Must be annoying having to continually release patches after a big update.

  8. TheOneWhoWant'sRooftopsBack :

    Thanks for bringing Rooftops back! :D
    It’s one of the best maps, one of the few where you can really take advantage of the tazer’s ability to be more agile!

    Great work!

    - A big fan <3

  9. Samkm :

    This is brilliant work cobalt team :D
    I was worried before Alpha 116 that the development was going cold, but now it seems to be in full swing again :)

  10. Grazloth :

    My launcher crash on start too…. please fix it :)

  11. Nuubmaster :

    +1 for the report of a crash on startup. Emailing crash report just in case.

  12. tommer :

    Nice we needed bug fixes the game was super crashy i hope it fixed the most of it. :)

  13. Mikirog :

    My launcher crashes on start. I want to play :(

  14. Ghacer :

    Launcher crashes on start. I sent you a crash log/dump.

  15. Robert :

    Same here, cant even run the launcher with controller plugged in, without controller crashes on launch. Getting back to v117 :(

  16. Caleb :

    To fix the launcher crash, right click Cobalt and then “Run with graphics processor” then select NIVIDIA as your defalt. Worked for me so I thought I might share it :P

  17. Grazloth :

    I have one working fix too :) – use older launcher (here )

  18. TheLostKnight :

    Still crashes after a couple of minutes for me, directx and opengl. its nice to see your adding even more tiles to the ever growing list.

  19. FabiotheTurtle :

    Hey guys.

    Quite a bad one, here… I’m updating my map, and I added another SpawnerBooth to my map. Of course, I connected it to the power supply. When I delete the booth, it’s fine; I can still move the view around and add and delete. However, it crashes on level execution.

    I thought, maybe this can be remedied by removing the power supply first. It crashes immediately. This is a double power plug connected to two booths. What’s interesting to note, is that that one side will delete, the other side stays and it crashes. This one says something about how it tries to refresh the socket.

    As always, Windows 8, Xbox Controller.

    Good luck, folks.
    Doing a great job!

  20. FabiotheTurtle :

    I was able to remedy the problem by rerouting the plug wires, then deleting the socket, then the booth. That might help.

  21. FabiotheTurtle :

    Right, so when I REconnected the booth, this happens.

  22. FabiotheTurtle :

    Heya Guys.

    More spawner problems.

    Seeing as I could no longer hook up my booth spawner, I decided to go with the Mushroom House, seeing as that doesn’t need power.

    However, when I try to delete my booth, I even tried removing it’s target beforehand, it crashes.

    Getting just a mite out of hand, now.

    Good luck guys!

  23. FabiotheTurtle :

    Hello guys!

    In response to the whole applying physics to things.

    Due to my recent halt in survival mapmaking, I have begun construction on a new map! I have put in a trunk_table. Given I can’t do anything with it, I applied Physics to it and I was able to stand on it! However. After a while it gets upset that I’ve trodden all over it and it starts dealing damage – If this happens while you are up against a wall, you are capable of being instakilled.

    Just so you know!

    Good luck, and keep up the fantastic work!

  24. FabiotheTurtle :

    Hey guys, a small one this time.

    It is not possible to edit a Map’s Metadata.

    Catch ya!

  25. Niavlys :

    Where the “Play offline” button? =/ It seems it disappeared in v116 (I think), why?

  26. Niavlys :

    And where is the “Return to game” entry when I open the menu during a game? Is that a bug? If it’s a feature, why??
    Other than that, many thanks again for this update!

  27. Ty :

    Big fan. Can you make a video on describing how to update? It took me and hour just to figure out how. Keep up the good work!

  28. Goomboss :

    When the “joystick fix” will come? I wanna play with y friends!

  29. Rekkyn :

    It seems as though the “Edit Metadata” button in the level editor is broken

  30. FabiotheTurtle :

    Good morrow, lads!

    Occasionally, it might just be my laptop, the game will exit itself. I think this is due to a high number of actors being spawned, and that being said, it might just be my laptop. Note that I haven’t had this problem in any official maps, only when I’ve been testing my own maps.

    I’ve been using the lighting effect “something-exponential” and “linear.” I appreciate that they tend to light up an area as if it were day or something, but I’ve found they clash with Neon Signs/add to it, making the neon overpowered and have a very bright glow around it’s borders.

    Thanks guys, you’re all doing marvelous work!

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