Announcing Cobalt!

October 8th, 2010, Cobalt, News

Our Project B has finally transformed into something bigger and more beautiful: Cobalt!

To celebrate this we’ve created a game page with a teaser and some screenshots. To save you some effort… here’s the juicy stuff:


8 Responses to “Announcing Cobalt!”

  1. Mattias :

    I’m so hyped about finally telling the world! <3

  2. Jay :

    Looks great! Looking forward to it! I hope the release is soon. :)

  3. Erik :

    Yay, awesome guys!

  4. Man of The Sea :

    Congratulations guys, nice to see it all official!
    Thats looking pretty sweet I have to say.

    Also congrats on the new jeb Mr Jeb.

    Hopefully see some of you at GDC next year.

  5. Satch :

    Stunning :)

  6. Jesper :

    What I love most about that teaser is the music. I’ve watched it multiple times now just to hear the song. When the harmony kicks in at 1m10s it’s just “awww yeah, sweet!”

    The game itself looks cool, though I’m not a fan of the character design for Blueface (is that his name?) He’s a bit too cute to be a mean killing machine, well I suppose that’s what he’s meant to be with all those guns and grenades.

  7. Jesse :

    yeah this is perfect

  8. Kinten :

    Thank you!
    Got a lot of work ahead of us so it’s nice to be encouraged :)

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