October 19th, 2010, Cobalt, Competitions, IGF, Indie Life

Crunchin’ is not like surfin’ – not as cool and far less enjoyable. For some.
To us it’s a lifestyle. Crunching (intense working that more often than not leads to bloodshot eyes and veins being popped) is what we love – and crunching to get the IGF demo ready is what we’ve been doing the last couple of weeks.

So what have we learned?
First and foremost we discovered that our main character’s name is Cobalt and not Blueface or Shitface or Metalface or whatever we’ve been calling him/her in the past.
We’ve established a direct line of communication to Cobalt (who is currently stationed at Trunkopia) to avoid further confusion.

We’ve also discovered a new talent amongst us! Actually he’s not new, he’s pretty old (member of Oxeye), but when it comes to words the only ones Jens have been cranking out have either been code related or hasty words of affection jotted down on postcards .
Until now that is.
Surveys show that since he took over the editing department of the Galactipedia Encyclopedia Profundus customer satisfaction has gone up exponentially.
Confusion remains unchanged.
A sample of his latest creative outburst can be viewed below.
In fact, he’s writings have been so popular at the company HQ that he’s taken the prodigious Mattias (aka Anosou) as his writing apprentice.

Speaking of Mattias, another thing we’ve learned during these past few weeks is that his musical genius spreads beyond human comprehension. He’s fast to. You only have to hint the idea of a new tune and before you’ve uttered the last words explaining the song you’ll have it blasting through your headphones.

We’ve also been tinkering with co-op. Cobalt has been nagging us about it for some time now. I guess loneliness knows no decency.

Last but not least, I, Pontus (Kinten), have had to slowly accept the fact that I no longer sport a fantastic beard. I accidentally shaved it all off using a rogue trimmer.
Support mails concerning this are appreciated.

Until next time, swim calmly (Swedish expression).

One Response to “Crunchin’”

  1. admin :

    My condolences, Kinten. It shall be missed by us all.

    // jeb

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