Cobalt delayed until February 2016

October 29th, 2015, Uncategorized

Hey all, as already mentioned in the Mojang blog, Cobalt will not hit “gold” until February next year. The game is already feature complete, but we need some more time to do additional polishing.

The community has helped us put together a “release frequently asked questions” on the Cobalt subreddit: Cobalt release FAQ

Thank you for your patience!

12 Responses to “Cobalt delayed until February 2016”

  1. Ben :

    That’s good enough for me, even sooner than I expected :D

  2. jstewman :

    is it not going into beta

  3. PsychoTHedgehog :

    This is making me so happy!
    I thought this game was pretty much dead but now here is a sign of life!
    Would be even cooler if the youtube trailer was embedded here, as well as Mojang’s video.
    Hope development will go smoothly!

  4. Notepad of Legends :

    Well at least we have a date, rather than being in the dark for updates.

  5. jstewman :

    calm down, cobalt’s awesome! :)

    (The devs have a lot of other things to do besides cobalt)

  6. jstewman :

    like sleeping and stuff

  7. janeator :

    You read it wrong. February is FULL release, there won’t be a beta. And what they’re doing IS squashing bugs and finish polishing.

  8. janeator :

    Uhm my comment is supposed to reply to CubicBoss’, which for some reason I can’t approve on the moderation pannel:

    “Isn’t the best way to squash bugs and finish polishing asap to release a version for people to test out anyways? Gotta wait till February for BETA release… then how many years until the full release?? These developers are almost as silent as the Cube World guy.”

  9. jstewman :

    He posts occasionally, right?

  10. jstewman :

    ooh, we should have a newsletter!

  11. janeator :

    With the ammount of posts Oxeye has the time to write, I’m not sure a newsletter would be very useful, hehe…

    In other news, check out the new forum!

  12. jstewman :

    Oh, that’s awesome!

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