COBALT Launches February 2!

January 18th, 2016, Cobalt, News, Steam


Cobalt is coming to Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on February 2! The game will cost $19.99, and comes with a single-player story campaign, challenge maps, co-op survival maps, and several multiplayer game modes for both local and online play.

Check out the full release post in the Mojang blog!

If you’ve pre-purchased the alpha you will get a Steam code added to your Mojang account. We will only release the Windows version now, so Mac and Linux users will have to wait just a little bit longer. This is because we switched game engines (from DaisyMoon to Stingray) in order to add online multiplayer.

14 Responses to “COBALT Launches February 2!”

  1. Vat King :

    Is there any possibility that it will be released somewhere besides Steam, like

  2. janeator :

    I think it’s pretty much confirmed to never be releasing on or so, only Steam.

  3. Dark Mist :

    i don’t have Mojang account. i Know only my login, password and email from Cobalt beta.

  4. Dark Mist :

    lol i restored my Minecraft account(not Mojang) with random email.
    Just logged on Minecraft site and Migrate with new mail(created Mojang account).
    And im have Cobalt account. Just logged on Mojang site and reset defence questions via email.
    Now have my 2 Mojang accounts (with Mine and with Cobalt)

  5. Jstewman :

    That is some epic art right there!

  6. Jstewman :

    Ten days!!! :)

  7. jstewman :

    days until the release of cobalt! :)

  8. Guy who stole a pirate's hat :

    Yarr ready kids?

  9. MegaMech :

    Capture the Plug is not a game mode anymore? Please add it back!
    Also a 3 bot limit? I think it used to be 9 or 10. Add that back please.
    Can’t use keyboard for character input when making a profile? That’s kinda weird but livable.

    I feel like the GUI has gotten less simple then it used to be.

  10. Jstewman :

    Capture the plug is now called “Plug Slam”.

  11. janeator :

    @megamech @jstewman Capture the Plug is not an official arcade gamemode and has been replaced by Plug Slam, however they are not the same thing and Capture the Plug is still supported for user maps! You can download Capture the Plug from the workshop. Soon in the future you’ll be able to play User maps online!

  12. Valkrys :

    So.. I paid for this game early release. After a quick look on the cobalt page and here, I`m not seeing any way to log in and update the game. Am I seriously going to have to buy the game a second time?

  13. Valkrys :

    Ignore that previous, I missed the link that shows how to get my steam code. Derp.

  14. RU_crafter :

    COBALT it’s a great game! Do not relax, Jens!

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