Cobalt @ Minecon 2015 in London

July 14th, 2015, Cobalt, Events, Minecon, Mojang

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Hello Minecon 2015!

Vu and Lydia taking it away!

Last weekend (4-5 july) we attended Minecon in London with a 10 computer booth running Cobalt. It was an amazing weekend which superseded our expectations in all ways imaginable. Here is just a small sample of what was going on:

Being handed your Mojang badge is like being handed the holy grail. With great power....

Booth looks bloody stellar. Jeb approves I think...

How do you install a game on a hard drive with 1 gb free space on it...

No worries. Multiplay changed out the computers and now we are rolling!

Crowd did all count down from 10 in unison.

Booth filled up quickly and now the focus was on making sure everybody had the best time that we could give them.

No crashes so far!

I present to you: Aconitin! One of our amazing volunteer agents and a force of nature within the Cobalt community.

People of all ages were playing. The most fun was to walk up to a parent who wasn't playing and just hand them a controller. No excuses! Everyone plays!

I present to you: Isogash! Another of our amazing volunteer agents. A pillar of our Cobalt community

I present to you: Janeator! The last of our amazing volunteer agents, without which Cobalt would have about 99% less maps!

The duel between jeb and tommo drew a crowd. Jeb won this one.

Panel was very interesting! I mean, we went from facts about development, to smashing people on stage to finally thewreck getting owned by burntcustard!

We had a special tournament where you could challenge one of the agents, AKA "the pros", no mercy. If you won you got the game for free!

Aconitin, one of our pro players, is setting up for a challenge. He was throughout minecon, undefeated.

Parents were not left out of the fun.

Discussing those pro-tactics™

We did not have to tell people to check out the tutorial. The booth pretty much ran itself for most of the time!

Smiles were seen all around!

Only two would beat the pros during the two days!

Thank you for an amazing Minecon!

Photographers: Ebba Kierkegaard, Daniel Brynolf

Also! Some videos…

26 Responses to “Cobalt @ Minecon 2015 in London”

  1. janeator :

    Minecon was a blast!
    Everyone @ the booth had a ton of fun, and I think the challenges were a great idea :) (since there wasn’t a “world championship” tournament this year).
    For those interested ones: The challenge maps that were played were: Nightfall (coming soon in v125!), Mycelia Mesa (”Speed challenge”), Hotfoot desert (”Phaser challenge”) and Hotshot (”Recoil challenge”).

    BONUS (ducks): One silly Daniel

  2. APirateHat :

    Lol @ Acorn. What a face!

    Iso is about to lift off!

    That group photo, that’s like 50% of the IRC!

    Too bad I couldn’t be there, maybe another time.

  3. TheMikirog :

    Can’t wait for the official release!
    This’ll become a masterpiece.

  4. Dust :

    I gotta start stepping up my game. I feel like a total scrub now that I’ve seen the pros play. Anyone know a good training program? ;D

    Really cannot wait for the update. It’s gonna be so…Cobalt.

  5. Savio Siqueira :

    Oh I wished I could be there, so much good stuff!

  6. Notepad of Legends :

    Damn I wish I was there, I would have aced the pros! xD

  7. slmrojo :

    how close to release is the game?

  8. slmrojo :

    sorry i meant update

  9. RedMser :

    According to this video it’s gonna be pretty soon! (Said to be October 2015)

  10. Conoscenza :

    Can’t wait for the update!!! I wish it was released sooner than October, but I’m happy that it’s coming.

    Will I be able to have the game on steam if I already have it?

  11. janeator :

    Yes, all alpha players will get a steam key.

  12. Cirald :

    I have a question. Can i migrate my cobalt account to a newer e-mail?
    Because i lost my password and i won’t receive the steam key…

  13. janeator :

    Cobalt works with Mojang accounts at the moment. Enter the Mojang website, you can do so there. Otherwise send an email to the devs!

  14. jstewman :


  15. Cirald :

    Thanks man!

  16. jstewman :

    cant wait!

  17. jstewman :

    Is it just me or is tomorrow October :)

  18. Conoscenza :

    Is it just me or is it almost midway into October and I’m drooling for the new update to release

  19. janeator :

    We are in fact midway into October :) Me too!

  20. Ceaus :

    If this takes any longer I will literally die. :)

  21. Ceaus :

    I’m betting it comes out on Halloween. :)

  22. jstewman :

    :) :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  23. jstewman :

    didn’t really work

  24. Ceaus :

    nah not really. Good try tho.
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  25. jstewman :

    Thanks ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

  26. The-Knife :

    So its for February now,,
    Anyway, its worth it.

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