Cobalt v114 Alpha change-log

October 29th, 2012, Cobalt, Updates & Patches

Notice that we forgot to hide the adventure button, but trying to start an adventure will not work and will generate a bunch of error messages. This is known. It is not supposed to work yet.

Hi! We have updated Cobalt to v114 and this time aside from the bug fixes and tweaks (among other things fixing a horrible memory leak which caused the game to slow down to a crawl after some time of playing), we have mainly been working on things for adventure. This means that most of the things new, you will not really notice yet. These things include hulls, lots and lots of tiles, worlds with connected instances of stages and adventure with logic for everything related to the progress of that.

You will notice hulls here and there which we added for fun in some maps, just to see how they work in practice.


The added tiles are not used in any of the current maps, but here is a sneak peak of what is to come:


Behind the scenes footage of some of the new editing stuff:



Hit the jump for the full change log:

Change Log


  • Flashbangs now disable the actor hud.
  • Rail weapon sway less severe and snappier.
  • Hull and equipment slots for metalfaces as well as started work on hulls and their effects on your characters performance.
  • Melee slot now only holds 1 item and will replace the fist when filled.
  • Items that you spawn with in deathmatch and ctp are now considered special, and will not be droppable. This means that for example, in dm_desert, instead of having fist and phaser, you will have phaser, and when you pickup the force device, you will lose the phaser and only have force device.
  • the shadow added to pickupables on highlight is now removed and replaced with a highlighting of the rendering color.
  • improved bounty feedback and made the delivery color dependant on the actor.
  • added option in profile preferences for switching to more powerful weapons on pickup.
  • Punch is not “PRESS TO PUNCH” instead of release and now always charging while equipped, but the effect feedback is just temporary to indicate when it reached max.
  • Adjusted ai move pathfinding and handling of the plug.


  • Fixed sounds playing despite the game being out of focus.
  • Fixed a bug related to shooting protection items.
  • Fixed music not playing on first map
  • Fixed a bug that caused the map theme outdoors to always update colors even when not needed.
  • Fixed a number of bug that caused actors with all related tables and a lot of objects to never become garbage collected. This caused the memory to continually build up over time, eventually causing performance problems and stuttering.
  • Fixed a bug that made custom tileset placers appear as black boxes
  • Crazy physical bug post deflection fixed.
  • Fixed a bug regarding jumping especially while walking up sloped and over peaks which would usually trigger a jump kick making the jump a rather pityful jump instead of what it should be.
  • Fixed crash bug related to semi cooldown
  • Fixed switching back to melee after throwing plug or big items
  • Fixed being able to exit jet bike

26 Responses to “Cobalt v114 Alpha change-log”

  1. Grazloth :


  2. MrBubbleSS :

    This means I can have even more fun in my 4th period at school! (hint: I’m posting this from that class)

  3. APirateHat :

    Neat! Now to update the game and check for bugs :P

  4. Grazloth :

    hey! adventure not working !

  5. ciuccio2000 :

    Thanks for the update! But anyway… I don’t want to be rude, you’d probably have thousands of things to do, but… I have some friends those are waiting mac version…

  6. Jeen :

    It appears the map editor broke. When I try to access it it crashes and says something about a meshBrush of sorts.

  7. Trif :

    Don’t worry, tommo is on it! Sounds like he’s getting there.

    Thanks for the awesome update, Oxeye!

  8. admin :

    Jeen: Try deleting your editstate.cfg in the cobalt folder in the my documents/cobalt

  9. Indoomen :

    adventure wont work it come up with like 90 error messages please fix

  10. Me :

    Please make a Cobalt iPhone App :) ))))))) Than we can play Cobalt Mobile :D DDD

  11. Dreme :

    Does Oxeye have a stance on multiplayer? It seems to be this game’s only step away from being the best.

  12. Justin :

    can you make an other update to fix adventure mood from cashing please! and thank you

  13. Rekkyn :

    I’m not sure if I like the idea that you can’t punch away explosives once you’ve picked up a melee weapon…

  14. Cargo :

    Why there is no map of competition winner in game? =(

  15. Bodeane Butler :

    Ah nice stuff, getting close to being able to adventure mode :D . Cant wait.

  16. burntcustard :

    There’s a few level editor bugs that I discussed with thewreck, fixes should be coming within the next few days.

  17. Lowell :

    Thank you so much for fixing the bug I submitted this makes the game playable again! :D

  18. MrBubbleSS :

    The weapon attachments are buggy. I buy one and it won’t attach to the gun, but instead comes as a separate, un-droppable weapon that doesn’t work. And yes, before you ask, I found this bug in my 4th period while doing survivals.

  19. Joshooaaa :

    Just wondering, what update will the user maps be added? And do you have any idea of when it might be??? Really looking forward to some new maps, especially community created ones:-)

  20. RedMser :

    The tutorial still tells you to HOLD x to punch, even tho that got changed. Also, how does the equipment booth work??

  21. Jeen :

    @admin Thank you, worked like a charm.

  22. Janeator :

    Nice! NEED TO GO HOME!
    Btw anyone planning on opening a CFD-like website?
    And dudes, as i’ve seen many that are not, go register on!

  23. admin :

    Rekkyn: We have tweaked the meelee weapons so that all of them have pushing power to some extent.

  24. Hello :

    survival Research Facility map has defender and scout armor. Destroy the wall to the left from spawn.

  25. Crazy :

    Can we possibly get the new punching system as an option? This is impossible, given the fact that we’re probably all used to having to hold x to charge, etc.

  26. MrCrazyminers :

    This game would be SOOOO awesome with online multiplayer PLEASE add that :D

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