Cobalt v119 Alpha change-log

February 7th, 2013, Cobalt, Updates & Patches

It seems that some of the files uploaded were corrupted on upload and will result a whole string of strange bugs! v120 tomorrow!

We updated Cobalt to v119 today with some new stuff and some bug fixes! We added a new actor and lots of new locks! Hit the jump for the full change log!


Change Log


  • Locks are now modular and can be used both for doors and containers.
  • Added 6 lock types.
  • Added new deathmatch map Amanita!
  • Added Amanita actor
  • Added a bunch of mycelia tiles.
  • Added a bunch of generic symol tiles.
  • 3d-ish boxes are now by default physical and destructible
  • It is now possible to draw the color of the quad vertices for basic tiles. Check tiles menu in editor for more details.
  • added credit value to pickups section in tile browser


  • Graphics and engine related crash fixes
  • Fixed hackscreen related crash bugs.
  • Various other undocumented bug fixes.

19 Responses to “Cobalt v119 Alpha change-log”

  1. sevvoro :

    some of the floors on the new map are invisible

  2. Daniel :

    hows the crashes from past updates ? are they gone now ?
    i miss cobalt so much :’(

  3. APirateHat :

    Cool, mushrooms. I’m still crashing though.

  4. MrBubbleSS :

    Daniel, most crashes (like a metric crap-ton of them) are fixed and you should try playing it again. I personally love the challenges, especially the ones where you are limited on your gun or start without one. Kinda like a challenge map I’ve had in-dev for a while, but don’t get to it very often.

  5. Daniel :

    i installed. completely from scratch and i crash on the first challenge i think its called matter ? in the sec i shoot the first gun.
    come on guys. will we have a fix soon ? i know its hard work but i really feel like i bought a game that i wont get to play any time soon :(
    i hope you’ll have luck fixing it.
    oh and i also randomly crash on regular gamemodes. like deathmatch.

  6. Skech :


    Desert Winds Crashes As Soon As I Go In, None Of My Doors Will Lock, and I Think Throwing Spikes Have Become More Destructive! Although I Do Like Painting My Robot.

  7. VanillaC0coa :

    WOOP! This version actually works on my computer! cant wait for the corrupted files to be fixed then i can finish “Hot Trials”… or at least that’s what i think its called… any way WOOP!

  8. VanillaC0coa :

    also how do you properly configure locks? the game crashes when try to load a map with locks…

  9. Connor :

    Okay, Cobalt is an awesome game. It really is. But with the past few updates, I cannot play a single game without it crashing a minute or two into it. I understand that you’re working hard on it, but please, PLEASE, try to fix the critical things soon.

  10. VanillaC0coa :

    Also MetalFace cant equip…
    “Metal Helmet”
    “Plasma Shield”
    Why cant he equip a plasma shield… really.

  11. VanillaC0coa :

    Also the door on “Survival Hut” and maybe “Safest Gate” are broken. also why are the “sg” enemies still in the game? they crash the game when trying to spawn them… same as the “Will O’ Wisp”. Oh ya one more thing the custom colors on the mushroom cat and the “Amanita” is broken when you are playing as them.

    Sorry for all the posts… I’m noticing more stuff as i play the update…

  12. Jeff :

    Again another bug – present from 117

    When updating to 118 I encountered a bug that stopped the client from updating telling me to restart (and I was running in administration) only to find it didn’t update I fixed this by re downloading the client form the main site and this fixed this, but today I updated 118 to 119 only to find it’s happened again telling me to restart, seems like a recurring bug….

  13. Jeff :

    Edit :

    I fixed it by re downloading the client form the main site seeing as the launcher can’t update itself properly

  14. admin :

    connor: When does it crash? Does it generate a log file in documents/cobalt?

  15. Connor :

    There’s a file called log and another called send-me-to-oxeye.dmp, so I packaged them both.

    The game will crash at random events. There’s not predicting when it will do so.

  16. Connor :

    Oh, and here’s a screenshot of a lua error that happened:

  17. Abrock2000 :

    What is an amantian? I liked the game better when it was just Metalface MK-1. I dont understand where this comes into the previously logical storyline. By the way what was the hack screen error that you fixed?

  18. Abrock2000 :

    What is an amantian? I liked the game better when it was just Metalface MK-1. I don’t understand where this comes into the previously logical story line. By the way what was the hack screen error that you fixed?

  19. admin :

    Skech: some of those are fixed in v120, but v120 has a whole string of problems on its own. Working on v121

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