Cobalt v120 Alpha change-log

February 8th, 2013, Cobalt, Updates & Patches

Hello again! Today we uploaded v120! Some bug fixes, minable rocks, and some design adjustments! Hit the jump for the full change log!


Change Log


  • All slugger weapons have had their rate of fire halved, damage doubled, and bullet time generated doubled.
  • Slugger bullets now retain ability to hit after deflect.
  • Punch is now more adaptive to how far from max range the hit was, in regards to how fast the next is charged up and damage
  • You can now hold use to keep punching at max charge.
  • Added a bunch of minable tiles


  • Fixed incorrect speed calculation for tiles leading for crazy bobbing in fluids
  • Fixed incorrect door rendering
  • Added automatic adding of “simple” locks to io-connected to lock slots on old maps.

69 Responses to “Cobalt v120 Alpha change-log”

  1. KleinDavy :

    The Launcher crashed when I tried to update, so i downloaded the new setup from and reinstalled cobald with it but know the game crashes when I start it :(

  2. My gawd (hes mine) :

    Soooo fast!

  3. admin :

    KleinDavy: please send us the log.txt and the send-to-oxeye.dmp in documents/cobalt to

  4. Xahtier :

    Haven’t tried v120 yet, but I haven’t played Cobalt in 5 updates! I’m excited about all of this. I just hope the map creator doesn’t change too much to the point that maps I make now will not work in future updates.

  5. Skech :

    Working Locks! Yes! Working Desert Winds! But What Happened To The Names Of Survival House and Safest Gate?

  6. Dephronia :

    For the past few recent updates I have been getting completely random crashes on all game modes I have tested without it even taking a screenshot of the error and just completely closing the game.

  7. walescookie :

    cobalt v120 have same bug that v119 update bug.

    “Error while downloading update: Unable to write local file”

    log, .dmp files sand to

  8. walescookie :

    in update bug solution is not to update. install cobalt on to installfile

  9. MegaDark :

    Thrilled with all the updates that have been coming out. Good work.

  10. GuardianEnzo :

    Really? Why would you destroy Slugger weapon’s high fire rate? That was the main advantage they had over other weapon types…

    Also, please fix 3 player split-screen. It’s almost impossible to play. The camera keeps bugging out whenever people split up. It’s killed me and my friends many times in Survival.

  11. APirateHat :

    That minable dirt is cool. Still crashing though.

  12. Ty :

    You guys should change the Cobalt icon. Me and my friend think it would look way more epic if you made it the Robot guy you play as. Thx.

  13. Goomboss :

    I’ve already found those bugs:

  14. TheLostKnight :

    I was playing challenge mode and everything was fine (no crashes like previous versions) but then i started to play survival and a minute later it crashed.

  15. Janeator :

    God damn, i thought the updates stopped again at v118! That grass is so damn cool, neet to have a great idea for a map…. Don’t worry! i’ll have one!
    Keep the great work up boys!

  16. Ty :

    If you are having trouble with crashing, when cobalt starts up click “Game Options” and check “Force OpenGL”. Next, scroll to the top of the Screen Resolutions and select the top one that says in (), desktop. Now try to run it. If that doesn’t work go back to the “Game Options and uncheck the fullscreen. If it STILL isn’t working, run it in administrative mode. If it STILL keeps crashing, i don’t know. The method above worked for me.

  17. Daniel :

    this is so unfair :’( i’m still crashing no matter what i’ll do..

  18. BlazingPaws :

    I crashed the moment that I launched the game, and none of the above solutions worked. Here is my error log;

    Error in config file near

    Changing display settings: 1366×768, fullscreen
    OpenGL Renderer
    Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family: Intel
    Creating a .dmp file… Success

  19. RedMser :

    Whenever walking on any girder tiles, an error message pops up telling me that the file step_girderX is missing. Checking the sfx folder confirms that. Now, is there a way to make Cobalt download any missing files from the update without uninstalling and reinstalling?

  20. FabiotheTurtle :

    Heya folks!

    I heartily commend you all on your fine progress and ability to make games, three or four updates in such a small timeframe is impressive.

    However, starting with the V119 update, I’ve been crashing… Half the time it crashes without even leaving a dump file or a crash log, and that may as well just be my computer. But, it might not. Other times it crashes and the dialog box appears telling me I’ve crashed. Sometimes THAT crashes and another dialog box appears, or the standard windows “There seems to be a problem with this program…” comes up. So yeah.

    Most of the time, this seems to happen when there has been a lot happening on the screen, such as rather intense (and in my opinion, rather impressive) bot fights. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been bossing through my enemies only to have the game shut down… But I can deal with that.

    I’ve tried using the OpenGL option, and that seems to reduce the amount of crashing I get, but due to my Laptop, it occasionally lags.

    I first tried playing on the Sandy Winds map, but that kept crashing. I thought maybe that was a problem with the map, so I tried playing Survival House, only to have the same problems.
    Here is the .dmp

    Other than that, my survival map menu is a slight broken. The Safest Gate maps and Survival House don’t show up their names in the menu, rather just saying “name.” I thought this would have something to do with the .localization files, but they all seem to be in working order. If it helps, I have two custom Survival maps added to my menu, and there’s two missing, so maybe there’s some correlation?

    Other than that, I’m loving all the new tiles I can play around with!

    Have a nice time guys.

  21. Isogash :

    Wow, cheers guys, just got a new laptop and the game is running smooth and is great to play! I was having all sorts of problems on my desktop with recent updates (had to downgrade to v115 for a LAN party) since it kept crashing about a minute into each game. Looks like most of that has been fixed because it hasn’t crashed yet on this laptop. Running better than ever, and amazing fun as always.

    Cheers again :D

  22. Platoonsgt1 :

    @Fabio: I have exactly the same problem, but I agree that not many people are posting about it. I don’t have a fix yet, but I’ve emailed the devs.

    Just to let you know, the entire ‘Chill Thrills’ challenge set can be completed without the game crashing (If you’re quick on ‘Avalanche’), but the other three sets have at least one level which won’t let you complete it.
    Those levels are:
    ‘A Matter of Fact: Matter’
    ‘Hot Trails: Trail blazer’
    ‘Sandy eyes: Desert Fort’

    I’m not saying that they’re the only levels that crash, they’re just the ones which can’t be beat because it always crashes around one point in the level (such as the teleport on ‘Matter’)
    Finally, if you’re finding it hard to beat ‘Sandy Eyes: A Walk Home’ without it crashing, try destroying the turrets before they fire. It helps.

  23. Darkeh57 :

    Idea to fill up that space on the right side of scoreboards> Put a killed by ___ with ___ and maybe their sprite?

  24. CEA2 :

    Do they have LAN support yet?

  25. foxracinginc :

    i played v115 a few days ago for quite a while and it ran fine. i then realized that v120 was available and downloaded the new installer, but v120 just kept crashing. doesn’t matter which mode, usually crashes after about 2 mins. of gameplay. i’ve tried a lot of different resolutions, turning SLI off and on, forcing open GL, starting with or without admin privileges, i even installed a fresh win8 pro x64 on another hdd, updated it completely and tried to play cobalt – crashes exactly the same. sometimes i get a windows error msg (… stopped responding ….), something it’s oxeye’s “oops something went wrong”. but every session crashes less than 2 mins. into the game.

    Core i7 920 @ 3.00 GHz
    ASUS P6T WS Professional X58
    6GB DDR3
    GF GTX570 Dual SLI
    Windows 8 Pro x64

    latest .dmp file here:

  26. lee lewis :

    hey people take the easy but the 118 version does not crash

  27. lee lewis :

    and works great

  28. FabiotheTurtle :

    Hey everyone…

    Right. So I was designing another level, and I had noticed that when you use a diagonal girder tile, the one that goes to the left, hijinx ensue. Anyway, you can place the tile at your leisure, but if you right-click to cancel placement, not delete, the editor crashes.

    I was able to salvage each level with saves and backups (did I ever say thank you for that feature?), so that’s alright. However, now a few days later and after a complete shutdown of the game, the editor is crashing on startup. So, yeah… It seems to have something to do with screen resolution; I recently figure out that if you maximize the window to fit the screen, there are no mouse pointer/button hitbox problems. If the screen isn’t full, it’s OK until you scroll around. The error says stuff about rendering and the “renderCore” and “renderMeta” as well as bounding box issues.

    Curiously enough, the menu buttons are still functional.

    The dump file doesn’t seem to be writing, so sorry about that.

    Good luck guys, keep up the amazing work!

  29. Caleb Christie :

    The teleporter on Research facility does not function for npc’s. Other then that I love the new updates! :)

  30. FabiotheTurtle :

    Heya folks!

    Some more minor things, here.

    If you let the main menu load on its own rather than skipping it, an Xbox controller won’t work until you press start and then get back out of the controller menu. Just something I thought you should know.

    In the editor, when saving or updating a level to the menu, you MUST re-edit the level’s metadata in order for it to copy properly, otherwise it just says “name.” When you do go to edit the metadata from an updated level, it still says the proper name and score points, author, recommended players etc, it just doesn’t save the name over.

    For some odd reason, last night I was able to get in a nice session of Survival without any crashes. This morning, however, no such luck. So hey.

    Good luck guys and keep up the great work!

  31. MrCrazyminers :

    How do i update i have bought Cobalt and it doesn’t update :(
    I log in to my account that i bought Cobalt on and it just launches the Game without updating it :-/

  32. Max :

    You guys are doing great! I love this game, and even invented a sort of sport using a fully upgraded phaser (if you roll and jump, zapping someone on the head will result in a higher jump, allowing for jump combos). I can’t wait till the online/LAN Multiplayer comes out!

  33. PE3ET :

    How is the development for a mac client?

  34. Grazloth :

    Map bugs – teleporters
    1) Research factory – bot teleporter do not teleport bots
    2) Bird temple – (try to go to the teleporter…)
    3) Scrapyard – teleporter teleport actors.. not loot etc.
    4) some other maps with teleporters
    please can you fix that ? thank you

  35. Jenjen1324 :

    I hope they release a new update soon without all these crashes…

    I get a crash every time when I play the map by the first map by jeb (challenge)
    right after the teleporter when you go about 20 steps forward.

    And lots of other random crashes.

    The game got almost unplayable please update it. It’s such a nice game.

  36. Th3 P3rs0n :


  37. Th3 P3rs0n :

    When will the mac client be done?

  38. Abrock2000 :

    If the damage is higher, does that increase the knockback?

  39. Red :

    This is my crash thing
    Changing display settings: 1280×800
    OpenGL Renderer
    ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 x86/SSE2: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Creating a .dmp file… Success

  40. Red :

    And i will send the .dmp file

  41. lolz :

    what is with the 3 dimed out game modes defence, co-op and adventure and I can not play them also it often does not respond after login but it could just our crap laptop

  42. lolz :

    ??!! it is not 5:43 am it is 2:44 pm weird…

  43. hephoe :

    when i start game mode it crashes whi help and sorru for my bad englesh

  44. hephoe :

    when i start game it crashes help fix it

  45. hephoe :

    DirectX9 Renderer
    AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6520G aticfx32.dll
    Direct3D9 Max Primitive Count: 5592405
    Loaded texture: #DefaultFont
    OpenAL has been initialized.
    Max distance: 2147483648, Reference distance: 1
    Successfully created DirectInput
    Loaded sprite package: $GAME_RESOURCES$/daisyMoon/font.fnt
    Opening zip file: daisyMoon/info.pak
    Loaded sprite package: daisyMoon/launcher.dat
    Loaded sprite package: daisyMoon/guiArt.dat
    Loaded sprite package: daisyMoon/boldFont.fnt
    Lua: v120 ALPHA

  46. lolz :

    note that in the level/game mode selection the map load up thing lag the entire game until it loads up I thank this is a bug or I could just my pc

  47. lolz :


  48. admin :

    We are aware of the crashes, been working to fix all of them.

  49. admin :

    Slugger weapons fire rate might change again of course, but the reason why i tried downing it was because it seemed to fall out of the general pace of the game, making the main gameplay elements (rolling) not match up the tempo of the bullets. But this might be a bad solution.

  50. admin :

    Dephronia: We are painfully aware of the crashes. We are getting lots of them ourselves, so yeah, we have been mucking about a lot in the engine working on mac support, and these has been side effects. We are on it.

  51. Hatchetball :

    Haven’t updated since v113 due to all the crashes in later versions.
    Question to the Dev’s about a possible new game mode and I’d prefer if Jeb seen this and answered: Have you considered making a RPG mode? Kill stuff for volts, which you use as experience. That experience allows for level up. The drops you obtain could be traded out for new “parts” to strengthen your Metalface, buy grenades/weapons/etc, buy color schemes, vehicles, and various other items, also weapon upgrades.

    I have a feeling there are a large amount of players that would LOVE a mode like this. Please consider it :D

  52. Abrock2000 :

    I think to lower the fire rate and raise the damage is fine as long as knock back increases with damage. As long as the knock back is overall the same the change is fine.

  53. Abrock2000 :

    Speaking of one of the main game elements being rolling… why cant amantians roll? Also there should be options to disable high scores and combos.

  54. Calandracas :

    i was wondering why cobalt has been version 120 for so long, i love the game and all but it is starting to get sorta boring, so this post is just because i want to know if something is wrong with the development of the game of if you are just trying to squash some bugs or adding some complex new features (adventure mode perhaps?)

  55. Ty :

    I was just wondering how the development of the game is going. It has been over 3 months since the last update, and I was wondering if anyone is currently working on it. Also, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an online mode for when the game is in Gold? It would be sooo cool! Well, that is all for now!

  56. admin :

    Hi! Here is the answer!

  57. admin :

    hi! Aware of the crashes, most should be fixed now! This is the status of the next update:

  58. Landon :

    Please come out with a new update! I am super looking forward to adventure mode!

  59. Mac :

    How is the development on the Mac client coming along, can’t wait until it is down!!

  60. Sein :

    Why are you guys don’t update cobalt?! I’m waiting for it after March.. :(

  61. admin :

    Sein: We are working on an update, but it has taken longer than anticipated due to various technological problems. We have been working on it all this time however.

    Some new things:

  62. Miguel :

    I’m Downloading The Installer For Cobalt. Once I Install It, I Will Try Cobalt!!

  63. Miguel :

    I’t Didn’t Work. :( But Reinstalling The Game Will Fix The Problem

  64. M ilham :

    why i can’t play cobalt on my computer

  65. M ilham :

    xinput1_3.dll ?

  66. Th3 P3rs0n :

    When will this be released for Mac!?!?!?!?!?!?

  67. Yoshua :

    Everything is going alright until i click on Deatmatch ( or other gamemodes). Then the screen freezes and i get the error: Looks like something went wrong! A crash .dmp and a log were generated in My Documents/Cobalt
    Any ideas how to fix this?

  68. Jai :

    It says I’m missing d3dx9_43.dll. What do I do?

  69. Darragh :

    My Cobalt won’t update.

    Someone Please Help.

    Thanks Darragh

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