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January 20th, 2013

About reporting problems


Since v116 and v117 we have gotten report about the game crashing for some people!

The most common ones seem to be:

  • It crashes right away on startup: This is likely because of opengl being using and your system not working well with it for some reason. This can be solved for now by Right-Clicking the Cobalt shortcut, click properties, and in the “target” field that should contain something like “C:\Program Files\Oxeye Games\Cobalt\Cobalt.exe”, add -directx to the end, so that it now looks like “C:\Program Files\Oxeye Games\Cobalt\Cobalt.exe -directx”.
  • Crashing at some random point during a challenge:  In v117 we fixed a couple of these issues, and some who had problems with this no longer does. But it seems that for some all problems were not solved. We do not know why it is happening, and we would like to ask the people that are having these problems to clarify their crash report with some more information!

The reason why many of these crashes slip through is because they simply don’t happen on any of our systems. This is the reason why it is extra important that we understand exactly when and why it crashes for you.

To help us help you, these are the things that would really help us when trying to figure out what is wrong:

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January 19th, 2013

Cobalt v117 Alpha change-log

Hi! Today we released v117 Alpha. It should update normally through the launcher. This includes a bunch of fixes to problems created by v116. The problem where the launcher crashes right away is known but we have not been able to fix it yet. In the meantime, please right click your cobalt shortcut, and in the “target” field, add:


then start the game again.

Hit the jump for the full change log!

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January 17th, 2013

Cobalt v116 Alpha change-log

v116 Alpha contains some new things which cannot be updated from the auto-updater. To get this version you must use the installer from

Hi everyone! Today we released the v116 alpha update for Cobalt.

This contains a big list of changes and bug fixes. Among the bigger things, we have added a new game mode:  Challenge! For it we have added 18 new maps of varying size and difficulty. We have also added a new survival map, and updated some of the ctp and vs maps. Burntcustard also supplied us with a revamped version of the jet fuel dungeon!

For a long time we have been feeling that Cobalt has been lacking good transitional singleplayer gameplay component after tutorial. DM & CTP are more aimed towards playing with friends, and while Survival is fun for the hardcore player, it doesn’t offer a sense of completion nor any significant feeling of progress. This is where challenge mode now comes in. It offers maps in a wide range of difficulty where you can actually complete a map, as well as offering a wider range challenges and goals than just surviving. For us this is a very important component in making Cobalt a more complete game, and once we get the adventure component ready too, we feel that we will have a much more satisfactory sense of progress offered.


Hit the jump for the full change log!

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November 29th, 2012

Thanks everyone for a great Minecon 2012!

I want to thank everyone who showed interest in Cobalt during Minecon 2012! It was a fantastic weekend for us and I really enjoyed helping people around the Cobalt areas. We held our first official 1v1 DM tournament, in which community member Acontin won first place followed by Ivar from Sweden.

The version used at Minecon was v116 ALPHA, and is not yet available for download. Among other things, it featured a new game mode called Challenge. In Challenge, you focus on doing things as fast as possible, like getting from point A to B. Today we created more maps for the mode. Here is a sneak preview:


We have also added local high score lists with epic voice acting feedback by Kinten to all relevant game modes:


Huge thanks to all the volunteers during Minecon that made it all possible!

Thats it for today!

Good night!


October 31st, 2012

Cobalt v115 Alpha change-log

Hi! We have updated Cobalt to v115 Alpha. This is mainly a series of bug fixes for v114, but we have now also added the map competition winner map!


Hit the jump for the full change log!

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October 29th, 2012

Cobalt v114 Alpha change-log

Notice that we forgot to hide the adventure button, but trying to start an adventure will not work and will generate a bunch of error messages. This is known. It is not supposed to work yet.

Hi! We have updated Cobalt to v114 and this time aside from the bug fixes and tweaks (among other things fixing a horrible memory leak which caused the game to slow down to a crawl after some time of playing), we have mainly been working on things for adventure. This means that most of the things new, you will not really notice yet. These things include hulls, lots and lots of tiles, worlds with connected instances of stages and adventure with logic for everything related to the progress of that.

You will notice hulls here and there which we added for fun in some maps, just to see how they work in practice.


The added tiles are not used in any of the current maps, but here is a sneak peak of what is to come:


Behind the scenes footage of some of the new editing stuff:



Hit the jump for the full change log:

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October 11th, 2012

thewreck’s developer musings 2

Hi! In this post I will be musing on the following topics:

  • Metalface hull types and equipment
  • Map competition
  • Adventure art

Hit the jump for the full read!

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September 18th, 2012

Cobalt v112+v113 Alpha change-log

We updated to v112 without telling anyone because we found some bugs right after we uploaded. So this is the changelog for both 112 and 113!


We have now updated Cobalt again, and this time it is mainly a bug-fixing update. The main progress that has been made is on the adventure stuff which is still not part of the alpha just yet.

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August 28th, 2012

Cobalt v111 Alpha change-log

Hi again!

We have updated Cobalt again! Hit the jump for the full change-log!


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August 25th, 2012

thewreck’s developer musings 1

Hi! In this post I will be musing on the following topics:

  • The last couple updates
  • A new reload related feature
  • Outdoor climate colors
  • A community lead map making contest

Hit the jump for the full read!

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